So manny "Gamma"s to choose from

Hulk has been a part of my main team for a while now and I still can’t decide on which assist I should go with. My main goal is for my team to be a unit where no matter who the point character is, the other two’s assists will support them. Right now I’m running with Hulk(gamma wave), Zero(projectile), and Doom(plasma beam). The way I see it, Hulk’s only struggle in this game is range. Other people with beam projectiles will spam you faster than you can charge and send out your own gamma waves so that’s what Doom is there for, or Zero if he’s in shadow mode or if Doom has low health.

So now what do I do when zero is out? I only use Hulk’s assist if I can’t use Doom’s or if he has low health. But when Doom is out I’ve got enough projectiles to shut down pretty much anyone and don’t really need the gamma wave. Doom’s problem is defending against rush downs and I was thinking about switching to gamma dash (anti-air) because it has armor. What assist do you guys use with Hulk and why?

Team building thread.

Try Hidden Missiles with Doom. It’s basically good at everything the beam does, with the added bonus of the missiles occasionally hitting the opponent out of their combos and saving you. This is extremely helpful to a low-health character like Zero, who is normally killed in one hit by many teams; it’s good for Hulk too. It also seems a bit redundant to have Doom’s beam assist and Zero’s projectile, unless you have them both for specific combos or something.

Hulk’s assist depends on whether you want to favour Doom or Zero. I’d say if you plan on having Zero on point more, maybe Gamma Wave is good at helping him get in if Doom is gone. If you want Doom on point more, then take Gamma Anti-Air to help him get people off him while he’s trying to play keep-away.

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