So Many Characters Wit So Little Point

MVC2 had many gay characters for instance

B.B. Hood

if u could replace them wit any other CAPCOM character(s) would they be or any character(s) u didnt want MARVEL or CAPCOM

I’d go


Sakura, Tron, Felicia and company are not gay…
…anarkis, debatable.

But if I could replace someone, i’d replace dan. First time i saw him it was fun but why bother putting him in anymore fighting games when you could leave his spot for Blanka :evil:

I applaud your decent posting wit no crap and yeah Blanka would be cool

Yeah, you have to admit a lot of those characters are just… ack. But Capcom/Marvel wanted to put them in there for comic purposes. Like Servbot! Can’t fight for a donut, but he’s irritating as heck. :lol:

But anyway, if I were to replace someone, I’d definitely replace Dan with Zero. That’d be awesome. :smiley:

None of the characters are gay, and most of them can be effective in the right hands. Maybe not as effective as the big four, or even the top tier… but just because you can’t make 'em work, doesn’t mean that they’re gay.

I don’t mind your additional character list, though. And I would remove some of the characters you listed…

I guess chibi-Capcom, and Darkstalkers just don’t suit your fancy.

Tron Jon

BB Hood is fucking top tier insane girl material!

This just goes to show that you do not understand the game. Of your list, Roll is the only useless one.

MM - decent trapping game w/ Rockball and Sent-y. Stops good rushdown cold w/ Sent-y and an AAA.
Servbot - Put him on balance assist and back him with Doom AAA. Learn to use Swarm+Doom effectively for massive chip damage. Also, his tiny size allows him to avoid even taking chip in many situations. Also counters Sent pretty well.
Tron - Insanely high-damaging proj assist, which is great for comboes. Semi-abusable Servbot Launcher. Really abusable TK Bonne Strike + cover assist.
Morrigan - Not a great character, probably lower third tier. But has a bizarre airdash and a few good comboes.
Sak - Decent dash assist which eats projectiles. In her dark form, she can teleport through all sorts of things and counter.
Felicia - You’re kidding, right? Highly abusable Hyper Sand Splash which can especially punish assists and can even hit Mags out of a blocked Assist -> Please Help Me! does great damage and is simple to do. Builds meter really, really well, especially with her fp throw. High priority airthrow, too. Best StriDoom counter in the whole damn game!
B.B. Hood - Good chip game. Good rusher. Cool Hunting has several good applications, especially in DHCs/THCs.
Anakaris - Learn the ranges on Coffin Drop and Idle Hands, that will work you wonders. Coffin Drop does great damage, and can even hit Storm when she is off-screen! Anakaris has a freaky fast/slow rushdown that is difficult to learn, but can be quite deadly. He also has a hard-to-pull-off combo that can finish off all three chars from full life. His c.fp has crazy high priority, and leads to all sorts of high damaging, good meter-building ACs.

It’s not the characters alone, it’s the teams. As was said, almost all people have a chance, but only with proper helper assists and overall team play.

True a team of

Morrigan, Felicia, and BB Hood is crap,

But put Replace certain characters with big 4 or doom or strider or something and you have a viable team.

No you can’t play MVC with whatever team you want. But you can make a team that can contend depending on who you pick, and that’s with the entire roster.

capcom characters wouldn’t be playable in tournaments no matter if it were blanka, rolento, sodem, etc…for 3 reasons~!

no 8 way airdash

no FLIGHT mode like sent

nothing as dangerous as AHVB x 3

Strider :evil:

Tu eres loco tambien!

There’re usable Capcom chars in MvC2. Some are even tourney-worthy. Strider, as Mag Hail already pointed out. Also on point, I’ve seen MM, Sim, and even the Servbots used in a tourney and do well. Also, as assists, you’ve got CapCom, Jin, Guile, Ken, Tron, iron Gief, and several that I’m prolly forgetting.





you have obviously never even played the game nor do you know what a “projectile assist” is. STFU pls.

it is the most damaging assist in the game. period. bar none. more than ROCKET PUNCH.= if you land her assist twice on a char, that’s like 50% damage. and if you chain that into a combo. DEATH.

strider/DOOM…and i’ve seen megaman and sim used in a tourny…i want better results [although i like dahlsim]. Capcom, tron, and cammy…and maybe ken just for the strider/doom factor are good assists.

im not too sure where you play, but when you start gettin to a higher level, mm/sim/servbot/jin/guile/iron gief just don’t cut it. like i said though, i like dahlsim, i’d play him first round of a tourny. and megaman can be a pain in the ass, but nothing to fear in a tourny for the most part.

sakura… is… good…

im a complete noob but even i know that

and im willing to bet even roll isnt completely useless, its just that not many ppl have really bothered to find out how to play her

MVC2 had many gay characters for instance

Roll - ok gay
Mega-Man - decent trap, and if u go to CTF, there’s a MM user there, that absolutely ROCKS. he’d prolly be better if all 3 projectiles were always available to you, and i u had the option to shoot a leaf shield or hold it around you, rather than just hold, and tehn shoot… or if it stayed permanently, until u get hit… be better for combos then
Servbot - better than roll, decent chip, but ok…
Trom-Bonne - projectile assist OWNS JOO
Morrigan - not bad… i think she’s better than ryu
Sakura - dark sakura OWNS JOO, but would be better if it was one meter
Felicia - again, not a bad mid tier character
B.B. Hood - same as above. some of her combos, like her missle inf roxx0r
Anakaris - high mid tier… really high mid tier. not near top, but definitely top of the mid tier

if u could replace them wit any other CAPCOM character(s) would they be or any character(s) u didnt want MARVEL or CAPCOM

I’d go

Guy - no projectile attacks, no chip, no range
Rolento - not bad, but i can’t picture what he could do in the top of the screen… knife is too small, and too fast
Sodom - again, no air attacks.
Demitri - would be cool, but morrigan > dim, so i dunno how u say dim is cool, but morrigan is not
Jedah - very good choice
Donovan - possible to be really good, however, anita might be better
Vega - i can see him being spiderman, with no projectile, and wall confusion
Sagat - yeah, like rolento… not good. i don’t think it would be cool for him to do an air tiger, and he really couldn’t be given any moves that make up for his slowness
Zero - yeah, that would be cool, but MM’s projectile variety are more effective than a sword, and no variations

You’ve never seen a good MM. Rockball MM/Sent-y/(BH, Capcom) counters MSP so well that it isn’t even funny. Also, if you’re saying you’ll allow Ken just for StriDoom counter factor, then you’d better allow Felicia, too, as she’s the only gaurenteed(sp?) counter to a perfectly played StriDoom. Most wins vs StriDoom are b/c the StriDoom player whiffed a tele, not b/c of the other player’s skill. Guile AAA makes life really hard for Sent when used correctly, and he can do some amazing things in third-vs-third situations. I also saw an amazing Spiral/Servs/Doom video once where Servs/Doom beat the tar out of Sent. Iron Gief can also make life very hard for rushdown, and is the only assist which is 100% safe to use vs Cable (no danger of AHVBxN finishing Gief). Jin is also a highly underestimated AAA. He has high priority, stuffs projectiles, does good damage and covers a lot of space. The main reason Jin isn’t used too much is his lack of good point skills in third-vs-third or snapped-in situations.

i see your point, but mainly on the target of assisting. there’s plenty of good assists, but i think of it in the sens that…

2 good characters + 1 assist that compliments them…

msp, mag/cable/cyke, storm/cable/cyke, scrub, mag/s/d, etc…

once the assist is called out, and killed off, the rest of the team is off solo. sure, u have gief assisting you… but although a good assist, u need to first mech him, then tag out… 1, will gief last long enough? 2. will you be able to safely tag out?

in the mag/s/d ex, doom is a great character, as is cyke, but what happens if they get snapped out and killed? the rest of the team is up shit’s creek.

so although they are good assists, it makes for shitty team structure (not saying scrub, msp, etc are shitty teams, just dependant on assists, whereas ROW every1 can be more independant, cuz mags is first, and he’s a maniac with sentinal-a, then if cable gets snapped in… or sent… so no matter who gets snapped in, the team still has a good character on top)

jus my .02

Replace characters, you don’t need bone claw. Magneto and Zangief are pretty nice, adn tagging in Sent is safe from low kick.

You’re fucking stupid. The only characters that really suck are roll/dan/chun li (debatable)/Zangief (debatable).

personally i think chun li is just terrible. Zangief is only good on groud assist when he’s in metal form. other than that those r the 4 worst IMO.

mega man sucks? r u serious?

B.B Hood? keep away and massave damage from that super? i know you’re not serious.

Anakaris is actually very good.

Tron Bonne? the assist alone says it all. As far as being on point she isn’t that bad. compared to the 4 i mention earlier.

Sakura/Felicia? I’m gonna pretend like i didn’t read that:rolleyes:

I can understand one’s personal opinions on Chun-Li, but to say that she “sucks” is not giving her the chance that you would give Ken or TBonne.

Sure, Chun-Li’s not as strong as most characters. She doesn’t have the best endurance or damaging super combos, but she doesn’t need all of that necessarilly to get her success.

  1. Assists- Chun-Li has one of, if not, the only overhead assist in MvC2 in the form of her expansion (Senenshuu)I learned from other Chun-Li players that it sets up good combos with Mags and the other combo-dependent people. Her AA (Tenshou-kyaku) is also a good launcher and can work wonders with Storm on the team (AA is my personal fave). Don’t know about proj. Not a big use…

  2. Air- She’s not the fastest person, but she’s sure as hell not slow either. Her aerial speed and mobility make her dangerous in the air. The only way to catch her is to chase her, lock her down, or have an assist for that, but Chun-Li is not meant to stay on the ground for long. Her headstomp has VERY good priority against most air attacks, and her ability to not only air dash, triple jump, wall jump with bonus triple makes her dominant.

I’m not saying that Chun is the best. This game was made for the Marvel characters to be dominant. All I say is that it takes actually trying Chun-Li out to say if she’s good or not. It also depends on the whole team. She’s effective with the right people…

Again, I do respect any opinions about Chun not being good, but consider this: Until TBonne’s assist or CapCom’s infinite grab were discovered for their usefulness, did anyone consider them effective as Capcom characters before then?