So many Qual spots

With some many chances to qualify this year Are the runner ups at the quals gonna get the spots if people who already qualified enter another qualifier tournament?

For example Justin is gonna be going to South, North, East

if he qualifys at all will the 9th place person get the spot for the spot that he took away from the guy if he wasnt there becuase he already has one?

Also last year GG evo east was stupid becuase only like 1 spot was given out becuase 3 of the teams who qualified werent even going to evo so the top 16 bracket was already missing 2 or 3 teams out of the top 16

Is something gonna be done to prevent this?

there would be 4 9th place finishers. they would have to run another seperate tourney afterwards just to fill the void. good question though.

RPS that shit or give the spot to someone at world dont just leave the spot as a bye thats dumb

Yeah…I personally am not a huge fan of the 4 qual spots thing. There’s nothing really wrong with it but I don’t feel it’s absolutely necessary outside of spreading the word about Evo around. I guess there’s convenience but if you’re gonna win you’re gonna win.

I think the idea is that if you manage to place Top 8 in multiple qualifiers, then you’re helping yourself win World by eliminating other people from those guarenteed spots, which the Evo Officials probably do view as legitimate.

Same thing for if someone places in a qualifier and decides not to show at World. Even though they’re not going to World, what they’ve done is prevent someone else from getting a guarenteed spot. In may be cheap, but again, the Officials probably view it as legitimate.

Because you can’t really say who else deserves the spots when these cases happen*, I agree with doing it like I just said.

*After all, the idea is that the Top 8 get a spot. A 9th Placer did not earn the spot, so they should not recieve it.

I think Justin Wong is an idiot for going to all the qualifiers to try and steal everybodys spots. Is his ego that big that he has to win every mvc2 qualifier in the United States? That’s a little obsessive imo. I’m not hating on him i just think if you truely want to determain who is the best in there respective regions for mvc2,cvs2. and ssf2t you can’t have the same guy win every regional. Could you imagine Afro Legends and Daigo at every regional? I personally could care less that’s just my two cents.

The problem is anyone who qualifies at one evo regional can probably qualify at another evo regional. It doesn’t take a great deal more skill to qualify from 2 regionals than it does for one, just more money. Realistically, one could give themselves a break from fighting a challenging Japanese player by beating a similar pool of Americans.

Also, you need to consider Justin will be winning money at all these events, which is a much more likely reason for him attending them all, not to mention EA might be paying his way :arazz:

Anyway, do the qualifying spots still send you to top32? It seems like with 8 spots at north, east, and west, and 4 at south, you’re looking at 4 spots from pools at world aren’t you? I must be misunderstanding.

Playing for money is lame the trip itself is gonna cost me more than i whould get for winning. I’m playing for pride and to play at a competitive level with no online lag and turbo controller users not to win $700.
You figure a hotel for 3 nights around $350. I’m from New Orleans so we’re driving 9.5 hours each way i’m not a driver but i whould have to guess around $60ish both ways. Plus a rental car another $225. So in the end this trip is gonna cost me around $700. Minus the rental car for other people that have a good enough vehicale to get there but to fly costs even more. So i seriously doubt this guy is going for the cash. The way i look at it the money is just an added bonus to winning. And i’m a very poor person lol.

i thought that if you qualify for an event and you go to another event you risking loosing your former position…? not 100% sure on this or was it you get to choose the better of the two?

another thought is why not have the best top 8 go to each and every regional and see if they make top 8 each time, that would be something else :slight_smile:

anyways i still would like to see mad quality players at these events even if they are duplicates :slight_smile:

You’re taking a different approach. If justin came to my hood, I would be ecstatic to have the world champion in my area, and to be given an oppotunity to play him. You should be thankful if he goes to your area. He hasn’t been to sweet ass cali in forever(only for evos/tips and trick). Savor the moments you have with him (no homo).

You bring up a valid point. But to me he’s just another person. I’ve played Afro Legends and Jason Cole online before. I’m not personally intrested in winning the MVC2 tournament because i refuse to use an infinate combo i want to see how well i can do using my regular capcom characters. I’m intrested in the Super Turbo tourney mainly over the others although i am looking foward to some cvs2 and GGXX Slash if i can rack up a good team for it. But i’m not the type of guy that whould run up to Justin Wong asking for an autograph. Although from reading past results and seeing videos he is probably the most well known player in North America. So i just look at him as good competition. Which is what alot of us are looking for.

You just AHVB’d yourself. 3 times even.

jakob002: You have to consider that Justin will definitely win marvel, and has a good chance at winning 3s and cvs2. I think he’s good at t5 too, but I’m not sure. Either way, its very likely he will at least break even. I’m not saying hes in it just for the money, but I’m sure the money sweetens the deal. He has his reasons for going, and you have yours, and its pretty irrelevant to the topic at hand.

Also, :rofl: at the refusal to use infinites.

I think its great to have high class players go to every regional, because it forces everyone to up their game, which is best for competition, but I still think people shouldn’t get additional spots depending on how many regionals they qualify in.

jakob, you also have to remember that this year, evo quals are merging with tournaments that people like Justin would have attended anyway.

Unless he gets jury duty again on a weekend lol.

Yeah i know it’s funny when i say i don’t use infinates but i played in a local tournament when MVC2 first came out and at only age 11 i placed third in a tourney with over 300 people using only Morrigan,Felcia,Megaman,and sometimes switch Megaman for another character. I used some air combos ect but nothing not counterable. And of course the team i lost to was Magneto,Psylocke,and Sentenal. It’s pretty much a for gone conclusion that He is gonna win mvc2 but really is Magnetoing somebody really that fun? It’s no challange i don’t want to win i just would like to beat a Magneto or Juggy abuser with low tier characters. But you bring up a point unless Daigo,Cali, Sandybags or some other 3s master shows he’s probably gonna win that too. CVS2 and SSF2T HE HAS TO GO THROUGH ME FIRST lol. But this is actually my first major tournament so i’m looking foward to some good legitimate play without the hassle of online turbos,dropping,lag,ect. But i always played with low tier characters to differentiate myself from all the Ryu’s and Ken’s Magento’s and Juggernaut’s, and Rock’s and Akuma’s Ky and Sol ect. Makes the game more fun. But on the point for the qulifiers i don’t think you should be able to steal other people’s spots and i still think there should be 8 spots to balance things out and make it fair for everybody.

Lol at Rock being top tier.


Extremely hard to believe.

ahem if i may give the breakdown for ppl in Ny money issues for traveling.

beign in NY our plane tix to other states are max $350-$400( that being cali as the farthest and buying tix a week or less in advance) so lets say 300 max if we know ahead of time.

total= $300

now being from out of state and knowing ppl from other states (pending on the state) we can either be housed or room with others in a hotel being 30-50 a night for 2 nights. (lets room at the hotel this time for $$ sake.

total = $400

now lets eat alot and enter all the games at 10 a game (cvs2,3s,mvc2,t5, random)

total = $480-$500 pending on state and prices of food

so now that we’re in justin wongs shoes lets place top 3 at each game we enter
mvc2 1st $700
cvs2 2nd 1-3 pending the region $200
3s 2nd pending region $200
t5 3rd " " $100
random other denpends on game but whatever lets have him place 11th

now those pots are going off of evo south prize pool and payouts so lets say thats how he does there.(this is only and example)

he spent $500 to win $1200 giving him a profit of $700.

dunno bout you but imo thats good money, lol lets do it again at evo north and east and be a happy gamer :lovin:

PS.if you play him in a mvc2 tournament and don’t want him to “magneto you up” plz request to him to go low tier and you pick your Morrigan,Felcia,Megaman switch up megaman for another. hope to see the results.

oh and i forgot ST and dont wanan so the match so thats another 100 atleast pending region. more good money.

this has been a late night 5am ramble by the one and only Greatness[dot]com

wait…wong is going…to evo south!!!..FUCK…:sad:

Rock isn’t TT he is just abused. I find Geese far surperior to him.

I’m not gonna ask him to pick capcom characters in a major tourney like i said i don’t plan to win mvc2 and if your wondering yes i know Magneto’s and practically every other infinate in the game im not random scrub A lol. I was factoring in a plane ticket for 2-3 people some of us can’t go by ourselves. I know i’m gonna get raped in mvc2. Guilty Gear i could pull something off if it was a singles tournament but i’ll give it a try,CVS2 i look to try and make a serious run at,and ST is the one i have the higest hopes for since i do very well on AE for xbl. However i’m sure Jwong is gonna make a little more than he spends but playing just to win cash is lame i don’t know to many people that would fly from NY to TX for a chance to make a $500-800 profit. Like everyone else said he is probably doing it to clear out regional spots to better his chances in the finals. Kinda lame but if you can afford the funds and have the time to do it it’s a smart move nontheless.