SO MANY scrub players




i find the most annoying players are the ones who jump around all the goddamn time. They’re not hard to beat, but they prolong the rounds soooo much with their jump around and pray for a grab "technique


Oh the irony…


Throwing alot and poking?..hmm I tend to do that alot, guess I am a scrub :wonder:

“Remember, there is no “right” way to play Super Turbo.” <<Took it from the wiki.

If they annoy you beat the crap out of them and show em whos got the skillz.

If they “spam” with technique…well good luck =D


If I can beat someone with cheap shit, then I’ll do it. It’s usually faster, and the faster I beat someone who can’t deal with it, the quicker I can hopefully start a new match with someone that can.


Well it’s just that I remember when I was growing up SF2 was HUGE, convince stores, arcades, shopping malls, where ever… a lot of the people I saw played A LOT more differently around here…

I remember everyone around here considered throwing “cheap”. So if you were to accidentally throw someone in a match you’d do something called “respect” and let the other guy throw you back haha, good ol days… I dunno that might’ve been just a thing that started around here, I dunno if anything like that ever existed in the States…


But… What you describe is the exact opposite of being a scrub…


If you lose to it, then it’s better than what you’re doing.


no shame in playing “cheap”

do what it takes to win

if you’re winning you’re doing what you need to do

that is all

if you know when to step it up against better players and when to dumb it down for bad ones, that’s a good thing… why the hell would you over think things or try to show off against bad players


Most of the type people who just spaz shit hoping something will stick will just get tick throwed over and over in the corner until they ragequit. If they can’t deal with that, then I am not going to waste the brain power needed to beat them with fancy stuff.

Note: I’m not talking about legitimate jumping and poking ala Vega/Chun, or really patient stuff like turtling and poking with two moves. Whatever strategy works best, no matter how easy or simple, is what i want from my opponents.

But what I hate is really random shit like standing all the way across the screen from me with Guile doing jump back short. Throw a fucking sonic boom or something!
Something that constitutes a thought!:mad:

Sometimes I get so bored just stomping people in quick matches that just try to play the most ballsy styles I can think of, just going for broke. Walk up psychic DP all match long, ko somebody with a Final! punch, beat them with only one move, etc. Anything to make it interesting for me.


Whenever I lose to said “cheap” tactics, I blame not my opponent for being cheap, but rather myself for my inability to cope with the situation. I’ll learn, adapt, and then find my own ways to beat other opponents who use similar tactics. That’s how I improve.

The main reason why people play the way they do is very simple. It works. If I can stand in a corner and shoot fireballs at somebody and this tactic works so well that it wins me the match, then why would I change my approach? If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.



well if youre playing with a bad connection a lot of stuff is going to be a lot harder to counter than it should. if the connection really sucks ass something stupid like jumping forward wait throw becomes hard as fuck to reverse. one guy i played did this as like his only way of attacking and i teched like maybe 30% (!!!) of those even though i knew it was coming and was mashing strong and fierce like mad.

solution is dont be serious when you get a lagger

then again this thread is complaining about “cheap” tactics so it fails


I think this thread is not about complaining about losing to cheapness or simplicity,

It is about complaining about a serious lack of competition among most of the online players.

I have no problem losing to any strategy. The better player is the winner. The end.

BUT, I hate sitting down to play some matches and having to mow through four or five people before I can even play somebody that even approaches anything that could be considered skillful or thoughtful.

I’m serious, I have a harder time beating my 10 year old niece in this game. It seems most players online are just incredibly awful.

I have probably played 300 or so people randomly in quick match and have met maybe 10 that I would consider to be “good”. And I don’t mean tournament player good, or competitive good. I mean “knows how to do all the moves” good.

EDIT: Rereading the OP, and it does sound pretty bad. But my rant still stands on it’s own I think.


How good are you guys? SRK is FULL of serious players. Just go to the XBOX/PSN forums and start adding gamertags. Pretty soon you’ll never have to play a random match to play online.




My god. You’re trolling, right?


All I do is throw Hadoukens.


I all do is tick forward->canon drill rinse and repeat and once in a while canon spike or hooligan. Boy I am cheap :slight_smile:


Oh wow! I didn’t know that ranked matches recorded that! I need to check my win/loss record to see how my “respect ranking” is!