SO MANY scrub players




I remember this. This was when I got my new '02 SL2 when it only had 26 miles on it. Now it has roughly like 120,000 miles on…


^^^ Well, they’re not an ideal game mechanic.

On the note of “not ideal,” I’ll never get over Chun’s shitty prioity with Upkicks. May as well not exist sometimes, going straight through dudes sometimes like their jumping normal has invincibility.


Considering it’s her only major weakness, it’s not all that bad.


^ Don’t mind me, I just love complaining when I see the opportunity. I’m the “Fox only, No Items, Final Destination”-type that everyone hates.

I do think there’s a reason first place winners never took top place at EVO in SF2 (any version) using Chun as one of their characters in all these years, though. It’s been a varied bunch; Dhalsim, Sagat, Ryu, Balrog, Bison, Vega, Ken, Dee Jay, and Zangief, but never Chun…I just think if she’s as good as she’s cracked up to be, she’d be in that list.


I just think people don’t really play her enough to get to that high of a level, especially here in America. Nuki got close, but Choi’s O.Sagat is too vicious.

And Chun has won tournaments overseas in much more competitive scenes in Japan. Otochun is largely considered one of the best, and most winning, player in Japan, and he does it with Chun. Nuki? Chun player. Keishin is on the rise as a Chun player as well. Plenty of killers out there.

And what Evo winner won ST with a Dictator and Ken?


That’s could definitely be what it is.

I don’t know much about SF2 in Japanese tournaments, but I do know that EVO is pretty competitive itself. And yeah, there’s definitely killer Chuns out there, no doubt. No character is unusable. There were a couple crazy Sean players who held their own in SF3 tournaments. Dunno about Dan in SF4 though, he may be the exception to the rule, but I know I lost to some regardless lol.

According to the most credible source of information in the universe, Wikipedia, the winner’s (Alex Wolfe) characters in the 2006 EVO were ST Dhalsim and CE Bison in Hyper Street Fighter II.


Oh yeah, and John Choi used Ryu, O. Sagat, and Ken. I think there was another as well who used Ken during a tournament.


CE Bison is a whole different level. He’s nothing like ST Bison.

Choi may have used Ken in a tournament, but only in certain matchups. He also prefers to use Guile to fight Boxers, even though O.Sagat is widely considered to have a fairer fight against him. It’s more of a personal choice thing. I don’t think a primary Ken or Guile player has ever won Evo, but both are still viable with those dedicated enough to use them.

Just look at MarsGattai. He mains Guile and does extremely well in tournaments, given that Guile is considered high-mid-tier.


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I figured CE Bison was the best iteration, but my point was that no winner used any version of Chun on any SF2 variation.

Yeah, he used Ken only in certain matchups, but again, nobody used any Chun at all, not even for certain matchups.

I don’t know of Gattai, but I’m glad when people do well with mid-tiers.

Anyway, I’m not saying only EVO or only winners count. Someone here linked to a badass Hawk who stomped shotos, which is cool. I think all characters are certainly usable, but only to a point. I think a DJ won Capcom Cup last year, further cementing how good he is (more than people thought anyway).

And Chun, well, I just don’t see how she can win on paper. Pressure and patience seem to be her weapons, both which are fallable strategies, but her priority in most situations is poor. We’re not fighting machines, so she can definitely win and does. I think the very highest level is where she falls apart.

A reminder; just ignore me lol.


On topic, I hate BastiSF. He’s a mute little bitch.


Then you need to practice more. Otochun, largely regarded as one of the best players in the history of Japan, just won a major tournament where there was a ton of variety of characters and killers who have a high chance of winning any tournament on the planet.

You don’t have to imagine if she can win on paper, because she’s won in real life. Her priority in most situations is quite good. Her air attacks and grounded normals are some of the best pokes in the game.


Yeah, I remember you pointed out Otochun to me before. I know that she’s won tournaments major in Japan, and that she is technically a viable character, I do acknowledge that.

I mean theoretically, if you break it down move for move, I’m pretty sure she’s at a disadvantage on paper. I don’t have evidence of this, so I’m not going to pretend it’s fact. It’s merely the conclusion I’ve come to based on my relatively limited experience. Of course, the human factor allows for error, so Chun can press her advantages during such an opportunity.





There are still plenty of great players playing HDR on Xbox live.


Cool matches, that’s a beast Dhalsim.


The cpu is kicking my ass on easy mode. It pretty much makes the correct decision everytime, does everything on reaction and has relentless pressure that I have no answer for. I know I’m a scrub but is the cpu in this game a little ridiculous? If so, I guess it would still be good to stick with it in hopes that over time my blocking and punishing will get better.


Even on easy it can go from standing there doing nothing, to seemingly breaking the rules/countering anything you do. It’s what old schol gamers dubbed “rubberband AI.”

Play people if possible, or justgo into training mode. I don’t think fighting CPUs will do anything good for your skill. You can play for fun, but it might create bad habits.