So, Marvel is dead on this forum?

Please say no. I just picked this up again, and I know it’s an old game but it’s one of my favorites.

Bummer :frowning:

People still play it, and there’s still tournaments held in it. Just not that many people posting strategy forum stuff about it any more.

Although it has slowed down to a fair degree. Age will do that to a game. Along the west coast the game is very slow north of the California border these days. Seattle only plays in very casual, very rusty games at Preppy’s poker nights and Portland has been slowing down for years and has had two of its four no-arguments best players (Jackson Chen and myself) leave town. Until I moved to California I partly wasn’t going to the arcade as much because I couldn’t afford it and partly because there just wasn’t that often anyone there any more.

A few people still post up in the strag forums, stilt, me, coocoos, couple more.

And you know my AIM if you ever need help on anything. People can say a game is “dead” all they want. The fact is people still play ST. Hell people still play joust, so as long as people play it’s not really dead, it might have just moved past it’s prime.

Did chess ever get old? I’m not saying Marvel is as great and old as chess, but just because something is “old” (year 2000 “old”) doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get played/doesn’t have players.

the game lives on

Most people generally know what they want to know at this point. I’m more concentrated on helping build up the MvC2 wiki at this point. SRK has a huge amount of information about the game if you just use “Search” - it’s hard to top most of that information, really.

marvels’ done

Wow, you’re smart one huh.

There’s not much left to be discovered about poker either, but it seems like people are having trouble walking away from that “done” game too. :wink:

Don’t be tricked - pretty much every game has everything figured out. I don’t know - people come over to my house, and I see new stuff all the time. I go to major tourneys, I see new stuff - quoting Isaac to Josh, “I’m still stunned - how the fuck did you do that?”

It’s definitely a mature game. Still seems fun though. :smile:

apparently people DO take my words literally…

btw: parryperson… you’d know that i give out as much help to people in this game as you and coos coos do.

Word. It’s too bad really, I feel bad for just getting into it now and having nobody talking about it. There don’t seem to be any newer games coming out that are like these though. I mean, it seems like 3S was the last major fighting game…damn…

… 3S?.. even though marvel came out after that… and i believe CvS2 came out after that…

The main thing I see, is that most people who have posted in the past, don’t anymore because some big shot is always shooting down their advice. Though, it is necessary for this to be done, the people who it is being done to, take it to be a blow to their ego, because that’s all they knew how to do or to react to a certain situation, and then when someone says that is the absolute wrong way, it pisses that person off, and makes them want to shut their mouth. This same thing has happened to years. The people who have contributed to the marvel boards over these past few years, some of them have too thin a skin to admit that sometimes they do not have the market cornered on one aspect of the game/character.

Also, I think that, the videos of the top players today have something to do with the lack of posts. If you look at the trend over the past 2 years or so (don’t ask, was bored one day), all you see are people asking how to do a certain thing over and over again. This is because they see an insane combo video or some match with mad crazy shit. The problem with this, is that they see this, and it’s like “omg I must lurn dis”, without looking at it and asking themselves “how do I implement this in my team’s scheme?” or “why is such and such doing this?”. I also believe that this leads to a lot of sloppy play from a lot of induviduals IMO, because of what I said above.

Couple those with what Preppy saying that pretty much everything almost has been found. Anything else that is found at this point is due to the godly reaction and execution of players today. I still contribute because I know that even though it sucks sounding like a broken record, it’s better than doing nothing at all. I haven’t played in a marvel tourney yet, nor am well known or have the greatist execution (all this is going to change this summer I hope), but I am godly at studying tape, and the system to the tee. This is why I still contribute, so that I can share that information.

Blah, I’m starting to write novels…

you’re 100% right though.

I’m hoping that beefing up the MvC2 wiki makes it easier for new people to jump onboard. There’s an incredible gap between (insert name of great player) and (insert name of random guy who IMs you asking for help). So for the most part my conversations with random people are either going over really basic stuff or going over basic stuff about characters I don’t care/know about - typically nothing too interesting. Having a Wiki reference for them to go to - that benefits everybody and helps us weed out the really basic questions. After all, stuff like “how do i do a refly combo” or “how do i appear behind their character” - those are probably interesting to everybody, but stuff like the basics not so much - if we can get that all compiled in one place, hopefully we can have more interesting conversations in forums like this. =\

So yeah - help out on the SRK Wiki if you’re interested. I don’t know if it’ll make that much of a difference, but … shrug might as well try. :smile:

I’ll help out on that.

You know what I was thinking about one day when I was looking at the Wiki?

Like in addition to having the Individual characters and all, what about making links for information about all of the popular teams today?

I think it may help out just a bit just because it might help to explain the functions/schemes/gameplans a little better.

Here’s a half-hearted start towards that end:
– is that what you mean? I imagine you’re talking about drilling into stuff like Storm/Sent or specific team further, though. I figure that kind of thing (your idea) makes sense after the individual characters have at least the basics taken care of. :smile:

That looks pretty good to me. I think we could probably expand it a bit further and use the “Advanced Tactics” section and cover the teams in depth.

I did a little bit of expansion on the history of some of the teams and added Justin Wong’s even older Mag/Cable/Cammy team next to Storm/Sent/Cammy. I threw in a bit of history and configurations for numerous teams as well. It might not hurt to link some of these to their own articles describing how the teams are frequently used.

I’ll check it out and try to contribute what I can… which is pretty much limited to BFL (aka “bigman”) stuff.

Thanks, Preppy.