So maybe universal airdash wasnt such a bad idea

Someone tell me why we shot the idea down and basically crucified Capcom at Evo and E3 two years ago? Because looking back I think once again the community jumped the gun.

As hammy as it sounds I’ve been playing practice mode for about the last hour with the Green Goblin card that gives characters +airdash

I mean…imagining characters with better mobility isnt just theory fighting now that you can give Dr. Strange an airdash…or Arthur an airdash.

I mean…holy shit. What did we do two years ago?

We whined and kept the game diversity as it should.

Universal airdash is a BAD idea even if it makes some characters better, it just makes then better in a really lazy way.

You would be right, if Capcom didnt have their funky way of “fixing” things through patching. ie: as of an hour ago Phoenix Wright is now completely useless lol.

Besides how bad of an idea is it REALLY? I think we should have shut the hell up 2 years ago.

powers up time machine

in Tatsunoko vs capcom everybody have air dash, since capcom used this game as a test field to marvel, you know why they choose to do not give universal air dash =p

Well my whole point was the build at Evo had universal airdash, and people bitched so they took it out.

And now you see nearly nobody compare the gave to TvC which is where the hate came from to begin with. And now you also see what could have been by giving characters with no airdash an airdash.

My mean seriously…Chris with an airdash?

Everyone’s like midtier at worst now.

You know, I would’ve agreed with you before Vanilla was released but…

Wesker with an air dash. No, seriously, let that sink in for a moment.

Just because it makes some low tier characters better doesn’t make it a good idea. It takes away the uniqueness of the playstyles. And while some low tier characters could use an airdash, certain top tier characters definitely need no further buffs.

I mean would Wesker really benefit from an airdash the same way She-Hulk would?

I’m not really buying the “uniqueness” thing. Who wouldnt want Strange with an airdash? He turns into Magnetommu.

Have yall PLAYED with the Green Goblin card? Universal airdash would flesh out this game so much…

Lol, Wolverine with an air dash.

Lol Hulk with a Air dash

:eek: LOL Spencer with an air d–


I didn’t care before, but that sounds like the worst thing ever, and now I’m glad we don’t have universal airdash.

i tried Nemmy/Hulk/Sent with airdash.

Broken ^^.

Wesker would be even more of a monster even if he had a shitty air dash. It would be impossible to escape his Vortex regardless of if you outthink him on a front/back tech.

One thing I like about Capcom fighters is the diversity amonst the cast. So a universal tool like an airdash would negate that feeling. Even if with it could fix a lot of balance issues… ill take the cast diversity over balance any day.

I prefer diversity over another anime game where everybody has air dashes. Everyone wants to just hurp durp high/low mix up.

I will say this those…

If they had went into TVC route, the game would have been more balance. Easily.

I don’t care about balance, and balance doesn’t really make a good game.

Anime fighters are ass. Keep this marvel

Jill with an airdash, Jump loop combos are LOL.

Strange with an airdash, LOL.


Well Strange should have an 8-way airdash…He’s a flying character for god’s sake!