So Mayflash just emailed me and told me something cool


I emailed Mayflash a few wks back and told them it’d be awesome to have a PS4 to Switch adapter for us ArcadeStick users (so we can use our PS4 sticks on Switch fighting games).

They just responded with:

"Hi Dave

Thanks for your kind message.
We are working some adapters for Nintendo switch.

Please keep eyes on website for updates in the future."

Apparently they have a few different adapters in the works for Switch, so yeah, being able to use a PS4 Stick on Ultra SF2 would be great and save us the trouble of buying a new Stick.

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Cool. I only have one Mayflash adapter, Gamecube to PC, and it’s a piece of shit.


Is it old or is that one of their newer adapters? Hopefully they’ve improved in quality a bit since…


Bought it in 2015.

The reviews are good enough. I had issues in a number of emulators and games with the left thumbstick not reading as properly centered. Maybe my adapter is just defective. The controllers are fine, so that wasn’t the issue.


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