So, Mr. x74397959


Just who the hell are you?
On the PSN network, it says you’re the #2 player (formerly number 1). Nearly 800+ wins, and no losses.

I thought you were some supremely awesome player that fought long and hard to make it that far. Found out the exact opposite when I faced you, though.

That’s right, folks. Dude’s actually a scrub that runs away from matches when you’re just about to beat him. And instead of it registering as a loss, his record’s still clean. WHAT THE FUCK.

Worst yet, he isn’t even that good. Anybody with half a brain could beat him, and yet 800 people didn’t figure out his piss poor strategy. I faced off against this pigshit THREE times, and when he’s down to his last guy, BOOM RAGEQUIT, so he denies me a win, and gets off without a loss. Nice, dude.

Anybody faced off against this guy?


I’ve played him a few times in casuals… he’s not all that good. Totally doesn’t deserve to be 800-0. I’ve had him RQ in friendlies even. He’s also RQ’d to nearly being OCV’d by thanos then rejoined 3 seconds later… we picked same teams again… and I nearly OCV’d him again before he RQ’s…

Basically bout all that could be done about it… is catch him RQing on video and protest to whoever is in charge. Even that might not be good enough. I certainly don’t think obvious cheaters should be allowed to sit at or near the top of the rankings… yet I quit playing ranked on psn after the patch when that shit still wasn’t fixed… b/c those boards don’t mean shit.

I don’t give a fuck about rankings but after I kicked his ass he sent me a shitty msg saying I suck… obviously he’s let his false record fill him with false pride as well…

Imagine what some of the vets around here could have for a record if they happened to be cheaters… mofo’s would be 10,000 and 0.

No one goes 800-0 in a legit fashion in mahvel… to many ways to lose one or more characters on some random ass shit…

So congrats x74397959… sitting on your throne of bullshit… where your record is a symbol of what a punk you are instead of something good.


He played with himself…err against him self probably.


I wanna play this guy now :rofl:


If it’s any consolation, HulkvsSuperman has him beat on the rankings now, but even he has a few losses. Difference is, HvS plays WAY better.

Man, that x-dude is such an arrogant ass.


You’d do fine against him…

good matches the other night btw…


I beat him a bunch of times and he rage quit every time. :tup:

The PS3 rankings are generally a joke.


I know… its lame. Best way to get good matches on psn is start a 2 player room. Scrubs wont stick around more than a match… and decent players will play game after game.

From a dev perspective the whole not getting a loss for RQing when losing is pretty lame…

how hard is a bit of logic to see if the match finished… and if it didn’t… who disconnected or quit first… and who was winning when it stopped.



I say we find out where he lives and beat him with oranges.


Evidently there was no way.

Also if you do “winning at exit”, you run into instant Gambit glitch: chip them with Doom, run away, quit, WIN!
You’d want to send a heartbeat to the game server or something like that. Alas. :sad:


Well, look at that. BRUCEBANNER305 is a rage-quitting faglord as well. I just faced him, and he was a cakewalk to beat. And then, the bastard ragequits, saving his record. Can you believe that?