So much info New akuma player

Hey everyone. I have decided that akuma ( and cammy) are my mains. Where do I start to study akuma on the forums. I greatly appricate reading all of the expert akuma players posts on the forums.

Directory of everything akuma :tup:

Thanks!! Any gameplay tips?

Yup. Everything you need is in here -

lol. Any great place to start?

Start with Akuma’s BnB combos and X up Tatsus for vortex setups. i would also recommend learning the X up fireball also.

Speaking of the X up fireball, though I have been experimenting and practicing it in Training - cannot seem to get it really. What is/are the preferred method or execution? (I know it sounds nOObish but seriously, I am having a hard time with this.)

Here is what I know and have seen (guessed) in actual gameplay videos - Japanese and Western. (Correct me if I am wrong as I’d really like to start implementing this in my own bag of tricks.) Both done at the proper distance of course.

Method 1:
Jump forward, at highest peak, LP air fireball crossing opp with fireball descending in front of them while you land behind them to combo etc.

Method 2:
Jump forward, while falling but before landing, ???LP/MP/FP??? (not sure which one to use) air fireball, the fireball hits opp while you land behind them to combo etc.

Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions is highly appreciated. Thanks.

Yes, those two threads are a GREAT place to start. I know you want something more “personal”, but you’ll get that once you assimilate all that information. I’d also urge you to check out these threads as well:

The Akuma Matchup Thread: you’ll find some good basics here, including a link to the SF dojo where you can study videos of the best akumas around, showing their stuff.

The Matchup-specific guaranteed demons thread: All you need to know on what moves from which characters you can punish with demons (super or ultra).

The Akuma Video Thread: A thread where the people here post up Akuma matches of top level players (and sometimes themselves).

The Critique My Akuma Thread: As soon as you feel up to it, you can capture a few of your matches and post them up on this thread. Or, take a look at the other “beginner” Akuma players here and see what they’re doing right (and wrong).

what i like to do against people who dont get up right away is meaty jump lp fireball then as they get up they get a lp fireball/medium kick or tatsu cross over into combo or tic throw

Ah, some good stuff here. Thanks for posting this thread. ;D

can you guys point me to some threads where i can find info to improve my zoning game and footsies?