So my boy found this new cody tech




go to 0:55, So far he’s tested on cody/vega/viper.

  1. Wtf is happening that he can “dash through”?
  2. was this known?

shoutouts to Smoke aka Finalmoves aka canadiancody aka …


I can’t find the exact video, but Ryu has something very similar, where you hit a crouching opponent with close HK FADC dash forward and he goes through them.


Yea this glitch happens for quite a few characters. I’ve never seen it with zonk, but with s.hp in cody’s case.


I found that a while ago, it’s on my youtube channel. Never bothered testing it against other characters tho.


Makoto can do it too by cancelling meaty mp oroshi on crouching opponents. It’s pretty cool but a shame it’s such a specific situation.


Gen has it toooooo! against seth only and in the corner lol!!!


Yep Ryu can do it with close standing HK FADC forward against Cody and a crouching Gen iirc.