So my buddy said the N-word at a party


now my other black friend who is a chick says the word “N.i.g.g.e.r” is racist but the word “N.i.g.g.a” is not. I told her though if I went to a club with a bunch of black people and said either one of these words I most likely would get jumped.

Oh and he was drunk also, I really dont think he ment to say it


You would and should get jumped!

Something I’ve learned is that a lot of the time you discover a person’s true feelings when they’re drunk because they aren’t so inhibited. imo no one should say the “n-word”. What were the circumstances? Was you friend mad at someone and he used it as a retaliatory response?


If I were you I would encourage her to keep using that word. She sounds like the kind of woman who only learns after she gets stomped.


throws random punches what? who said that? who did i hit? wtf is going on… hears cops


What if they’re making a Boondocks reference



:rofl: Okay that’s an exception.


I think Call of Duty and Battlefield bring out the inner racists of a lot of people.



All white people have to do is say Negro instead of Nigga to get the same effect but get away with it scot-free.


nah still gets ya gripped up.


aint happen to me yet and half my friends are black


It’s pretty common that white guys who are friends with black guys say “nigga without” getting beat up either. It’s only an issue if A) the person is not friends with you, or B) if it’s out of your character enough for it to be offensive.

If your a friend they dont give a shit… at least that’s how it is in NY and Florida. Now if you say “nigg-er” that’s a different story…


I really dont think he should get dat L put into his chest,

maybe they wont but then maybe they will


White people are way too comfortable with that word; if you are white, throw that word around, and end up catching a bad one, it’s all on you.


Anyone who say’s they use a racially sensitive word (Even Negro, to the more uneducated crowd or used in a harsh tone) and say “It’s cool, I has a black friend” Doesn’t really have a black friend. You are hanging out with a crowd of Tom Dubois’ or making shit up.

The only reason I get away with it against Cryoh and other people on here is because I’m also ethnic and it’s the internet which is punch free at the moment.


And Chicago…


Your friend needs to abide to the Dr.Dre rule.

Don’t “nigga” among niggas who ain’t your niggas.

Isn’t it like… the 100th time this is brought up in the last 3 weeks?


Sort of.
Theres just black guys who have a problem with the word nigga and black guys who dont.

My black friends who got a problem with it dont want to hear me or anyone say it. Then theres black guys who just wanna keep it exclusive.

Most my black friends tho dont really care at all. My best friend is black and he doesnt care who says nigga. We dont take it as offensive, its just something interchangable with dude/bro/man/etc.


lol. White people cant say nigga. Not the a, not the er, not ninja, not negro. Not nothing. Thats just how it is. This is one of the deadest horses in american society. People with brown skin ie hispanics and latinos are the only non-black people that can say nigga. If you live in california then theres a chance you might find asians with a black pass who have been given the social “ok” to use the word nigga around other black people. I have seen some white niggas or “wiggas” who hang with black people and use the word nigga…essentially a wigga is like a white person who gives off the mannerisms of a stereotypical black man which in that case…who really cares.

If you are white and really feel that strongly about it then by all means keep using it, but theres a high chance one day someone is going to punch you in the mouth. Then you’re going to feel stupid.


Didn’t you notice? It’s the best ice breaker/convo starter. I mean just look at the opening post. Doesn’t it just hook you in? N-word is the new whore with her tits out for attention. If all else fails just throw it out there and bam. Attention.