So My Car Got Jacked Today

And this sucks!

So I’m all ready to go to work this morning and I go to the front of my apratment building to find my car. I don’t see it where it is supposed to be. Thinking that I might have parked it in the back(or maybe my brother took it after I went to bed), I check the back and I don’t find it. I do like three takes back and forth and it’s not there. I talk to my land lord and she says that no cars were towed. At this point I know that it is gone…

So I finally decided to call the cops half an hour later and report it stolen. Cop gives me the regular “we’ll call you once anything happens” spiel. End up getting a ride to work from my brother and the whole day I’ve been thinking about this.

So I know that more than likely my car will end up being a write-off(it’s a 2000 Honda Civic) considering the guys who stole it more than likely will not give a shit and do as they please. It still had a good amount of time to go before it was done. It also sucks that I don’t have insurace for loss or theft, so now I’m just hoping to get a rental in the mean time and hope for the best…

So anybody else go through this before?

Happy Fucking Holidays To Me…:sad:

Why would anyone that isn’t a guatemalan want to steal a civic?

Damn OP, that sucks. Although you didn’t carry comprehensive coverage, do you have anything saved away for rainy days like this? Having a car one day and not the next is a major jolt.

That’s exactly my thought!

I guess since 6th generation Honda Civics have next to no security they are easy to steal. So for people who know a think or two about cars, is it fair to say that all the wiring and paneling are ripped by now to get the car started?

It sucks that it only had about 186,000Kms on it.

I have a little bit, but it still makes me sad that I have to dip into my savings to make such a big purchase. Things could always be worst, but that doesn’t make things better in anyway.

I live in NYC so I see this happen all the time.

Hope the cops find your car while it’s still in one piece.

Sorry to hear about that man. I remember when I was 10 years old, some one stole my dad’s truck. They found it a few blocks down rammed into a light post. My pops was pretty pissed.

When I was 16 I had my Yamaha YZ250F(dirt bike) stolen.

Saturday morning I woke up about 8 or 9 in the morning, sat down in the living room and the first thing my dad says to me is " Well I hate telling you this but your dirt bike was stolen." My parents had already called the sheriff and he showed up about 30 minutes after I got up. The thieves ripped the part of the siding off the back of the garage, opened up the man door, and rolled my dirt bike right on out. How do I know? The dumbasses left the man door hanging open and that is the only reason my parents even knew the bike was gone. If they had shut it probably wouldn’t have known for a few days at least.

Anyways so the sheriff gets all the info and heads out. My parents went into town to do something( can’t remember now) and I sat on the couch frustrated and hopeless. Sitting there for probably an hour or so and then the phone rings. I answer and it was my mom " I just got off the phone with the sheriff and they found your dirt bike. They also caught the thieves and you’re not gonna be happy with who it is." She then told me that the thieves were three people I knew very well. Trevor my “”"""“best”"""""" friend since the age of 3, Tim a kid I’ve known since probably 3rd or 4th grade and was good friends with, and Rhett a kid I’ve known since 2nd or 3rd grade. I don’t think I’ve ever been angrier at a human being in my life.

Shortly after that the sheriff called and informed me that he’d found the bike and caught the guys. He had also convinced the tow truck driver to bring the bike back to my house. All my decals/stickers had been scratched off, ORV tags gone, and some of the plastics were bent up too. I didn’t give a fuck though I was just so happy to see my dirt bike back when about 25-35 minutes ago I was sure it was gone forever.

TLDR: Dirt bike was stolen, got it back in a ~3 hour time frame, friends did it, so mad.

I got extremely lucky though. The sheriff was about 5 or 6 miles up the road filling out paper work when he heard an engine rev and drove over to investigate. He caught the three stooges red handed with my bike and my other friends bike which wasn’t stolen but they weren’t supposed to have out on the road.

If you haven’t had anything of yours stolen like that it really sucks. You feel violated, angry, and helpless. Every time I think about that whole thing I wanna beat those three with a bat until I can’t swing anymore.

That really sucks Javid and I hope you get your car back in one piece.

This happened to my brother in law not to long ago, he was warming the car up at 6 in the morning and he went inside to grab his bags, then he heard tires screeching and he dropped them to run outside but the car was already down the street, it was dark so he couldnt make out who it was in the car, everything was on his keys, house keys, work keys, gym keys, etc.

someone had to be watching him from a house nearby because it happened so fast, they must have seen him warm his car up like this and decided when to strike. Im just thankful my baby niece wasnt in the car when it happened

Doubt you’ll see your Civic in one piece if you find it. I hear their car parts fetch a good price due to the demand.

Maybe you should take advantage of the holiday specials and get yourself a new one?

The reason Civics are appealing is because the parts are easily interchangable between models.

Sucks to hear about that, I’d be so mad if anyone stole anything I owned ever, much less something worth as much as a car…

Did it happen here in Hamilton? I so, most of the time vehicles are stolen for use in joyrides or robberies. You may get a call within a week saying they found ur car with tools in it too.

That’s what happened to my beloved Pontiac Beretta.

Sounds like reading a Honda forum. Car wasnt modded was it?

So they only managed to push the dirt bike 5-6 miles in three hours and when they got tired, they decided to drive it the rest of the way? We are dealing real pros here Bork.

These guys have a long ways to go before they can move on to golf carts. Seriously, your friends jacking your bike is cold-blooded.

Man, people have no standards when stealing cars, assholes.

Had a uncle of mine trying to sell his Ford Pinto, some dude came by interested in buying it and wanted to give it a “test drive”, guy drove off and never came back.
One year later, uncle was at a club saw the Pinto in the parking lot, walked in the club and found the guy, then beat the shit out of him and stole back his car.

I enjoyed the story. Hope you find that thief, Javid.

Anyways, the easiest way to find it is to check all the buffets. One of the dishwashers has to know something.

2000 Civic was the most stolen car in 2010. Dont be down, ur not the only one. Sucks tho u didnt get thief insurance.

I had the stereo stolen out of my car about 2 years ago. The crazy thing was, I forgot my keys in my car that night, but the thieves didn’t steal the car. lol.

Man i still have my 96 civic, shit still running fucking great…I wish someone would steal my Civic so i can justify in buying a new truck…

This could help. Sorry for poor quality best thing i could find

Well Trevor at the time was my neighbor so what I THINK happened is they stole my bike during the night, stashed it at Trevor’s house, and then moved it a little while before twelve the next day. The bike was running at the time if they were smart they would have fired it up and rode it to our friends uncles house which is where they were most likely headed. As for becoming golf cart thieves I don’t think it’d be very lucrative out here but they could have stepped up to 4 wheelers :rofl: