So My Car Got Jacked Today

It happened right in front of my apartment building in the parking lot, and I live on the West Mountain! More than likely it’s abandoned by now. Funny story is, a friend of mine had his 99 Honda Civic Hatchback stolen about 9 months ago at Eastgate Square. His car was a complete fucking write off and the damage was far too extensive in the interior…

This couldn’t have come at a worst time. It’s times like this I wish my car had some sort of gps/imobilizer/security on it. I’m still waiting for insurance to call me back.

Don’t even need to rip up the wiring or paneling to do it - older Civics could get started by ramming a screwdriver down the ignition. Next car, pay for the insurance coverage. That extra $25 every six months to cover theft and whatever else is completely worth it.

some crackheads jacked my mom’s car (caddy in jackson, ms) a few years ago, they found it in the middle of the hood with a shotgun blast through the roof.

when i was a lot younger someone stole my dad’s SUV (grand cherokee in jersey). luckily he had lo jack and they found it within a day, but it was already on blocks.

regardless, shit sucks.

I agree with the majority ruling on your predicament. That sucks. That being said, I hope the bitches who did it end up getting run over by it while someone tapes it, and then ends up on World’s Dumbest criminals for the rest of us to enjoy. Good luck with getting this crap handled Javid. If you find out who did it, you know what to push them down when you see them.


I had my CBR929 (street bike) stolen 5 or 6 years ago.
I actually ended up getting it back after a day or so, cops raided the place and found mine along with some other stolen bikes.
I got lucky enough to get mine back, but really after you get your vehicle stolen it never feels the same…almost like its tainted.
either way, start saving up and good luck with whatever happens.