So, my ChImp finally got here, and I accidentally broke a resistor


Long story short, I put one of the resistors in backwards, and when attempting to remove it I wound up breaking it, doing searches for the numbers on google didn’t bring any results, I did some searches on here and found a thread saying something along the lines of “get a 10k ohm 10 pin bussed network resistor” but searches for that turn up nothing either, I tried just searching for resistor at radioshack (hoping that if they had it my local radioshack might) but they didn’t even seem to have any network resistors period.

Any help? Feeling pretty down as I don’t have alot of cash and feel like I just blew 30 bucks.

Edit: I put in the numbers on the side at digi-key and it came up with the same one, however the sheet that came with chimp said 10k ohm and this one is 12k, is that an issue? Or did they decide to use 12k ohm and not change the paper or something?


12k should work fine. Post up the link to the resistor network you found.


Digi-Key Part Search

That would be the same thing as what came with my ChImp. At least number wise, I take it the 12 in 123LF is the ohms? Really new to this stuff.


the link says part not found


Digi-Key - 4610X-1-123LF-ND (Manufacturer - 4610X-101-123LF)

This really shoulda been in the Cthulhu/Chimp thread