So, my friend got salty and messed up my TE stick

It’s only down that’s not working. How do I fix this, exactly? And… how the hell do I get this thing open, I can’t get any of the screws out.

simple solution.

make the dick buy you a new stick.

You need a hex key to open the top.

He could have busted a microswitch … easiest thing to do would be to replace the switch pcb. It’s $13 at lizardlick:

If you’re lucky, the one or both quick connects on the joystick just came loose. It should be easy to spot.

Find new friends and ditch that faggot. Number 1.

Break the whole stick using your friends face.

Tell him it’s FUBAR’d and he needs to replace it.

Then buy a number 3 hex key open it up and fix it.

Ta-Da! Now you have a full setup.

Falcon PAWNNNCHCHHH your friend. Oh wait you meant how to open the stick?


1.disown the so called friend for breaking your stick.
2. use #3 hex key and open it up.
3. check for any loose connections
4. If you don’t have money to fix the issue then take your so called friend to court for breaking personal property because he got mad. This will either “A: Get you a new stick” or “B: get you enough for a new micro switch etc etc”

Friends don’t break friends stuff. Your friend must have serious issues with you for them to do that.

Get salty and mess up his face

and im very serious

Have him buy you a new one. TE sticks aren’t cheap.

He might of have just slapped the joystick a bit too hard, or something freak like that. I’m not excusing the behavior, and I agree his friend needs to replace his stick if he broke it, but it doesn’t mean that his friend was being malicious or mean spirited. Shit happens sometimes, ya know?

Out ye passifist! Commence with the face breaking!

Perfect time to get him to cough up $20 for a Seimitsu LS-32-01.

Or even better, an LS-58-01-CX!

Fuck fixing the stick, fix your “friend’s” face

Pretty much this. One time we were trying to get my buddy to double perfect another friend’s El Fuerte. Well, that controller lasted about two hours before it split in half. Thank god he wasn’t using one of my sticks.

actually this would probably be the best solution
no sweeter vengeance than making your frienemy spend their money

that and assault can get you arrested

Well I managed to get it open, and I fixed it, it was just a loose connection.

He still gave me money to buy a new stick because he felt guilty for getting salty, so I guess it was a win/win situation :smiley:

Break your stick? that’s not normal salt, that’s freakin high blood pressure…
If you can’t get the screws out then it might be best to sue his ass for full price. maybe Phoenix wright will
be your lawyer though trollface.