Hori EX 2 works with GGPO, and everything else...but not MAME?

As the topic title states, I’ve got a Hori EX 2, and I downloaded the 360 drivers for it, got it all configured with GGPO, ZSNES and all that good stuff, but for some reason MAME32 doesn’t recognize the stick, which blows, because I wanted to play Killer Instinct with this stick. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I installed all the drivers for it, but nothing works in the end.

did you go into the mame options and enable controllers?

EDIT: Actually, I just realized that I did not. Thanks.

EDIT (again): Yeah, I tried that, and it still doesn’t work.

Thank teh homie R-Jive for this when your done.

Yeah, I did all that, and that’s how I got it to work on GGPO, it doesn’t work with MAME32 for some reason.

What vers. of Mame are you using ?


I’ll ask R-Jive and let you know.

Is MAME not recognizing your stick at all, or is it just not actually working after you configure the controls?

By default the EX2 stick is set to “hat switch” instead of x and y axis, so some versions of MAME get confused by that.

What version of Windows are you running?

It’s not recognizing the stick, and I’m running on Windows Vista.