So My House Caught Fire Last Night

I woke up at 1am, to find my room full of smoke, and people banging on my doors. Throw a blanket over myself, and open my door, to trip over a fucking BODY on the ground. Basically can’t see shit, besides smoke. So I proceed to remember the way outside, then smash through doors to get outside. I’m talking about jumping through a glass door.

I left everything inside. EVERYTHING. I got out with boxer shorts and a blanket. Even my glasses are still in that house. Fire department won’t let me back in yet, until they investigate more. All I know is the fire was in the laundry room directly below mine. I hope to God some of my shit remains, but I know for a fact all my clothing was down in the laundry room, and thus I am clothesless.

Didn’t sleep a wink today. I pray my iPhone made it, and I can get some pics to u guys later :frowning:

shady, hope everythings allgood bro.

Your ex tried to kill you.

Pics or it didn’t happen.


I hope everything is alright man, it sucks to lose shit when you’ve gotten it all over time or spent mad bread for it.

I hope you purchased insurance. Good luck!

That’s awful to hear. Sorry, man.

so you trip over a body on the ground in the middle of a fire and …what, just leave it there without checking on the person to see if they’re okay?

To be fair, it IS Soviet after all.

Sucks, but I doubt a Chris Hu fund will go up for you bro, but it seems like your shit should be okay.

he had to post about it on SRK every man for himself at that point imo.

i didnt know it was a body. I woke up, flames were coming up through my floor, and I had to knock down doors to move from room to room. I sure as fuck wasn’t looking to see what I was stepping on. Either way, he made it out alright, by following my path of destruction.

It was nothing but smoke and fire in that house. I am heading over there in like 2 hours to see the damages, and see what I can collect.

Trying to figure out if I can sue my landlord for the shit I lost. Im fairly certain my school year is done :frowning:

Meh, nothing else to do when I’m sitting at my parents by myself, without glasses, smokes, weed, or alcohol (actually I have alcohol)

You are among my favorite ones SoVi3t, may you gain great wisdom from your upcoming trials. Remember that everything comes to an end. Sometimes we get attached to when that end should come but we have no control over it.

Look at the moon and not the finger if you can. It is a great and difficult challenge, I wish you luck.

man, that sucks. I hope you had insurance.

i’m fairly certain you won’t be able to sue him. This is what Renters Insurance is supposed to be used for…

Well, I hope this has no effect on that broad who’s panties you were trying to get into :rofl:

I’m sure your chances are slim now.

On a more serious note, you should be more concerned with getting some clothes.

Glad you’re safe at least. That’s the important part.

Hopefully the damage isn’t completely insane and we can get those MvC3 matches in sometime.

They refused to insure me, due to the number of people living in the house

If its shitty wiring, or the fact there were no extinguishers or working smoke detectors, I think it doesn’t look good in his favour

Shout outs to Chris Hu.

Sucks to hear that man. In what part of town do you live?

This is what you get for spelling color wrong. Maybe my priorities or mess up but if my place caught on fire I’m grabbing my PC or PS3 on my way out. Both are easily worth the risk of death.