So my Sanwa parts just came in

…And HOLY CRAP they’re a lot nicer than the stock ones in the two sticks I own. I knew they’d be better but I didn’t realise just how HUGE the difference is…

Now I just need to get a case for them to go into. Was considering modding my Namco but the layout’s a little tight for me. Maybe I’ll get a Finkle case…

wanders off to glory in quality parts again

so, what exactly was the point of this thread? O_o

this should be fun.

a first i thought he was gonna show off pics or like a progress journal of him puttingthoose parts on a stick, but no pics?

nice av btw

Your question is answered already in the…oh wait, what’s going on here?

nobody knows,

I imagined funnier responses

is tech talk letting me down :sad:?


Just kidding, but not really.

wait… so are you just holding them… and pressing them down? cause thats how i check the quality of my buttons too! :3 sounds very exciting ;o;o;o;ooooooo

ok thats enough

lets try this again

… and boy are their arms tired! ba-dum PSH!

shoo i can’t believe you reopened this hahah :rofl:


It’s a good opportunity to flame someone in Tech Talk, and that opportunity doesn’t come very often. Take advantage while you can!

thats true!

this isnt fgd people