So my stick is alil loose

and i want it to be tight again like when i first bought it…i rememeber seeing a thread where i could goto home depot and buy the springs myself and use those…could anybody point me in the correct direction?

because i’m tired of my arcade stick have the loose cooch…lol

You didn’t mention which stick, but assuming something usual like a JLF or LS-32, just order some legit replacement springs for the stick and store the extras away. The springs people are picking up from Home Depot are usually used to make the stick significantly stiffer than stock.

Oh damn yea i have the MVC2 T.E and the Regular T.E stick as well. thanks for point that out bro.

I think they have a pill for that.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Yea buy a brand new JLF spring from LizardLick, those home depot springs are garbage. Or you could take the spring out of your stick and stretch it out a bit then put it back in.