So my TE stick needs replacement


Finally after 6 years I’ve decided to make an account on SRK … Hello FGC !!

So, I’ve had my current stick since Christmas of 2009, it’s the MVC2 MadCatz TE stick. Well, after hundreds of hours of abuse, the stick has finally started to fail. My right input goes out a lot as well as the down input. Thankfully all the sanwa buttons are still working 100%. Does anyone know the name of the stick inside the MVC2 TE stick ? Is it the same as the SF4 one ? Also, will I need to solder anything ?

Thank you for reading !!



No soldering required.


Thank you !!


Buy a replacement JLF replacement PCB from either Focus Attack or if you’re an American. In Europe, you can order from GremlinSolutions or for the part.

The microswitches that register stick inputs are soldered together into the JLF PCB. It’s simpler to just replace all the microswitches at once than try to desolder and replace them on the existing PCB. You’ll get a batch of fresh, same age microswitches all at once instead of having to worry about your “other tires” wearing out at different rates.

You don’t need to remove the joystick from the faceplate to replace the PCB… Just pop the gate off the bottom of the joystick and slide the existing PCB off and slip the new PCB on. Make sure, though, that the 5-pin adapter of the new PCB points in the same direction that the old one did or you’ll find that your stick directional signal will get all screwed up.


Whoa whoa whoa, I don’t understand what you’re saying. So if I got a new Sanwa stick, it won’t fix my input problems ? Sorry I’m very very new to modding. Everything you said looks like Chinese to me.

EDIT: Need to know cause I don’t wanna blow my money on a new stick and nothing gets fixed.


He’s not saying that a new stick won’t fix your problems… What he’s saying is that the board that holds all 4 microswitches and the harness connector is available as a separate part. It should cost about $12-13 USD, as opposed to paying a little over $20 for a new stick. You can save a little money by not buying a whole new stick, and the entire non-mechanical portion of your stick would be brand new. :slight_smile: it really is a simple replacement, as he indicated above.


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I think I know what you’re talking about. I just got confused cause I googled a PCB for an arcade stick, and it didn’t involve anything about a stick at all. Just a whole nother board, or maybe that is what you’re talking about, but I’m assuming you’re not. Is this what GeorgeC is talking about when he says PCB ?


Yeah. PCB just means Printed Circuit Board. As you can see the JLF has a pcb that takes the inputs from the microswitches, and sends them through the joystick’s wire harness to the madcatz pcb inside your arcade stick.

After 3+ years, personally I’d just replace the stick and buttons outright. It’s up to you to decide how much work you want to do and how much money you want to spend. You can certainly disassemble and “service” the joystick like you would the engine in a car if you like.


After three years, if you do decide to just replace the microswitches (the PCB) I’d also replace the spring while you’re at it (you’ll be able to buy one from the same place you get the PCB from - it won’t cost much).


Oh yea I’ll definitely be making a fully decked out modded stick in the future. But right now funds are tight and can only afford but so much, got a son and girlfriend to take care of :P.


Whoa, sticks don’t come with the spring !?


No, they do, but they don’t last forever.

If you get a brand new stick to drop in it’ll come with a new spring.

If you decide to just replace the switches, however, you should get a new spring as well.


Oh ok, so I’m gonna buy a stick.