So my win rate is 3%

The reason people are telling you to start off using Ryu and Ken are because they are your most basic characters. You get a good feel of the game, spacing, zoning, etc. by using one of those two characters, especially Ryu. Then once you get a better understanding of how the game runs you can swith to whoever you like.

And training mode is gonna be your greatest friend - whether you’ve been playing Street Fighter for 3 months or 15 years.

Unless I see videos of what happens to you, its very hard for me to comment.

However, a trick I learned in G3 that put me in G2 very quickly was baiting shoryukens, and it still works a lot in G1 (which is sad).

when you have someone knocked down, go up next to them and Focus Attack, back dash before the shoryuken wakeup, and then punish them as you see fit. Throws are pretty much always safe. Eventually you’re going to want to let the Focus Attack go through and get a crumble. But make sure you bait it enough to the point where the Ryu/Ken/Sagat is scared to shoryuken

You play Abel? Dont roll around too much, some Abel players like to roll around randomly and youd swear they dont know they can get thrown out of it.

Also, focus attack absorb fireballs to build your ultra meter and then hit the ultra, because Abels ultra goes through fireballs.


If you dont want to play Ryu or Ken etc thats cool. But I would recommend learning them in training mode to learn the basics of the game.

We don’t know as well. If you record a match and post it here people will be able to tell you what were your mistakes, especially Abel players.

@Necrotrophic: If you mean learning their links and stuff then I’ve already done that. My execution on most moves/links in the game is pretty good in my opinion. I just have a hard time using that stuff in a real fight. I don’t think I roll around too much to the point where it becomes predictable but whenever I do roll it gets stuffed by a shoryuken. I either try to follow up the roll with a normal grab or Tornado Throw but I’ve given up on TT at the moment because he hand always ends up going through my opponent and not doing anything.

And yeah I already knew that Abel’s ultra goes through fireballs. That seems to be the only way I can punish them online. Unless it comes out as an EX Falling Sky which happens more than I would like it to.

@tataki: If I had a way to record my matches then I would.

What platform are you on? I play on Xbox 360, and if that’s what you’re on toss me a friend request. I’d be happy to give you some tips in a friendly player match. Mind you, I don’t main Abel but I toy around with him from time to time and can, at the very least, help you identify what problems you might be having and help you overcome them.

I’m on the PS3. :frowning: Thanks for trying though.

Why don’t your “top tournament player” friends teach you? You’d probably learn better from them than soliciting advice online.

play as Ryu or Ken.

try and pick a simple combo to use online and learn to apply it. What good is it to know all the links and combos and stuff if they wont work in a fight?

Just keep it simple, then get a little more complex as it goes on.

If youre getting hit with a SRK then your rolls are predictable, or are coming from someone who knows enough on how to react to random rolls.

The really good abels I play only roll when they actually have to. Only roll when you KNOW they cant get you with anything. Dont ever roll from far away to catch up with them either, thats just asking for it. Rolling past them is fine. Im pretty sure you can roll through people, do that, follow with a throw.

Dont jump over fireballs, focus attack absorb dash through them, or just block. jumping over too many fireballs = shoryukenville.

if you get a Ryu or Ken in the corner, they often keep jumping back for some reason (I noticed this in G3 when I was there) just plan on it, and abuse it.

Dont forget about using neutral jump kicks, or punches, or whatever abels good air attacks are (I dont face a lot of good ones, so I can only say so much), especially when theyre being jumpy. Its all about zoning. CONTROL the area in which you are. For example, if you have an ultra, they jump in, jump up and kick them, when they land they might throw a hadoken, bam ultra. You just zoned their ass.

If Ryu is jumping in, try to focus attack absorb it(assuming you arent going to neutral jump kick). If you think hes gonna do the jumpkick + sweep combo then, block, backdash, roll, punish. Thats an example on how to use a roll effectively I would imagine. I dont know the framedata on the roll vs ryu/kens sweep so youll have to play around a bit. You can go into training mode against Ryu or Ken and record them doing that combo over and over to test the waters.

If you got anymore questions, ill try and help, but my knowledge of abel is fairly limited because I usually face off against abels who fall for the same tricks over and over and over (with that being said, dont always try that fancy throw hes got on wakeup, I just neutral jump and kick on the way down everytime)

Have you tried picking up other characters. I was stuck at G1 for a while as well but when I picked up Seth, I flew to G2 in no time. I’m working on getting to G1 and I learned that Bison just comes more naturally (you can tell cause it takes less effort)

Just keep practicing. Abel is a hard character to learn. Learn your match ups AND your combos and you should be fine.

You are using Abel? Lol…

This is why you are losing… If you are new to fighters in general, and start with Abel… you are always going to lose… ALWAYS.

Go the Abel thread, and ask for help there in the correct threads. People won’t mind helping you with even the small stuff.

I say stick with Abel. Play the character you like, fuck the haters.

I play Ryu but, I think Abel is pretty badass. He just doesn’t fit my play style.

Lag could definitely be affecting your execution. Only play people with 4 bars or higher, especially in champ mode.

I agree, I started with Vega, and it was pain. Playing online, playing in person, all pain, all bad. Hell, it’s still bad. Though one thing is don’t PIGEONHOLE yourself, play as Ryu once in awhile, and it’s going to help you when a play a Ryu.

i dont think its a good idea to encourage the lag excuse.

even though lag does effect you, most people can adapt a little. this guy has a problem with getting anything in.

Using lag as an excuse is obviosuly unforgivable most of the time but, I always used to play anyone regardless of the connection because I thought the lag excuse was bullshit. I figured if it wasn’t stuttering then it wasn’t a problem.

Then I played someone with a good connection and I suddenly realized why I would always miss my combos and links, it was all due to the lag.

Ever since I stopped playing with people 3 bars or under I do much much better online.

I refuse to believe you have two ‘top tournament fighters’ trying to get you into the game and you have a win rating that could EASILY be increased tenfold simply by mashing your face on your buttons.

judging by your post, I really dont think you are good as you think you are at Blazblue or Guilty gear.

if you cant grasp the basics of street fighter, how can you possibly win in those other games?

Yeah you should always main the character you like. I use Dan. Even at my intermediate level, every match up is tough, but I love it like a drug. I agree too, just stick with Abel but don’t try everything in one round, you have to save tricks for later. Your first round in a match should be focused on zoning and finding the rhythm/pace that your opponent is creating and play defensively to that. You’re Abel, you’ve got better defensive tools than alot of characters. Just keep practicing your execution and bait people into srk’s and duck under heavy tatsu’s…you can grab them with FSky out of both of those.

You’ll start grinning like a dumbass when you grab Ryu’s out of hurricane kicks, trust me.

Thats waaaay too advanced for this level. Did you see 3%? We should be advising him to block and jab.