So now in Ultra we get to pick between 4 horrible dan's and one decent



If my memory serves me right the only major nerf he took was his MK,RH Gale took more dmg in the original and everything else is a negative.
Sure this sounds like fun but surely this hurts people who purely main Dan.


I can ONLY think of 2 versions I would pick.

SSF4 and USF4 versions of Dan.

I’m conflicted though…

In the SSF4 edition he has his Koryuken Trade, his 150 damage HK Danku and full invincibility on his U2, but his normals suck major ass apart from cl. MP and st. MK.

On the other hand, in USF4 he has a SLIGHTLY better but still sucky U2, 130 HK Danku, and no koryu trade, BUT his normals are infinitely better.

I would only say Vanilla SF4 because of his 1000 stun (the only nerf he got is changing it to 900 in SSF4. Not kidding, the ONLY change he got). He sucked so bad in Vanilla that they didn’t change ANY damage or Frames on ANY of his attacks on him. Even his Ultra 1 damage remains the same at this day.


Still hoping they reconsider the command HK

st.HK being the standard and cl.HK being 4HK
cl.HK being the standard and st.HK being 6HK

Anybody else will like this?


farHK is better to be used as 4HK methinks, I find myself using that in defensing stances more often. But hell yes for the standard closeHK working everywhere.