So now that ggpo is uh, dead, where do I go for some st?

I can’t install a new service pack on this computer, so no new .net and no 2df. I have mameui32. Also kaillera client with ggpo fba, I wouldn’t know what server to go to.

No arcade has a big sf base that I know of in town. None. Theres one sf alpha 1, an sfex machine… and… some capcom multicade floating around, but arcades are pretty freakin dead here. online is easier than planning live comp. And no 360 so no hdr, 4, or hyper via that.

ArcLive is a great P2P client, more ppl should use it as back up

Wait GGPO is dead?

Where you been moonchilde? ggpo been dead without you bro.

you guys are retards for not checking the date. Note don’t ever use arclive as a backup use 2DF, Arclive is horrifically awful.