So now that GGXX is in APEX

I just got this game for my PS2 and I’ve been wondering, are the EX and Gold versions of the characters playable in the arcade version? And what about Kliff and Justice? Are they? And are they allowed in tournaments?

I was thinking that if all that is true, perhaps there could be several sub- tournaments for the game hosted at Evo or even SBO so that we get the specific rundown on what the tiers are. One with just the Gold versions of the characters, another without the Gold versions, and another that rates each character’s performance by pitting them against Justice (if he’s as broken as he appears to be). And the EX characters should always be permissable in each. What do you say?

No, no, and probably no.

EX and SP characters are console only. Kliff, Justice, and Robo-Ky are console only. Most tournaments ban console-only features. End of story.

Why you’d even want to SUGGEST Gold characters in tournaments is beyond me. All I can imagine is a lot of Gold Johnny (1-hit kill w/Mist Finers and teleport dashes), Gold Sol (Always has Dragon Install on, infinite meter, regenerates), Gold Millia (walks faster than she RUNS, for fuck’s sake), Gold Faust (infinite meter and meteors), Gold Zappa (nothin’ but Raoh), and any character that regenerates (Dizzy, Slayer, and I-no). The game would become a turtle fest, most likely (pick Gold Johnny and end up fighting a regen character).

If it’s console only, then they can’t ban it. Right? :smiley:

Why, for fun of course. That’s as long as they’re kept in a seperate tournament so that it doesn’t essentially destroy the entire game. That seemed like a nice idea to me til just now when you told me…

… about this. I didn’t unlock all the Gold characters myself, so I was under the impression that if all characters could be broken in some way or another, there’d still be some level of balace shared between each of them. I never imagined it could be THAT unbalanced.

Please excuse my ignorance. :o

Um, what? Your logic is…nonexistent. Yes, they CAN ban it because it’s console only. In fact, that’s exactly why it’s banned. This happens a lot of the time in many different games.

Geez, lighten up. I was friggin’ joking. :rolleyes:

But really, I wasn’t phrasing that as a matter of IF they can. Anyone can put a ban on something with or without good reason. That’s common knowledge. In this case, I just don’t see a point to it. If something is nonexistant in one version of a game that’s liable to be hosted in a tournament, why ban it if it’s not there? What harm can possibly be done if it isn’t banned?

See where I’m coming from now?

Um, I’m talking about banning console-specific stuff in CONSOLE tournaments. Maybe that escaped you for a second. Of course banning something in an arcade tournament is pointless if its not in the arcade version (why you’re even trying to argue about that subject is beyond me). Sheesh.

Christ, dude, there’s something you apparently haven’t learned yet. I started the thread, so the replies are supposed to stay relevant to what I’m talking about. You DO know I was asking about tournament possibilities in light of the game having just been added to APEX, right? Didn’t I just ask if those characters were playable in the arcade version? Did that escape you, or were you not paying attention?

Well, the thread’s already fulfilled its original purpose, so I’m letting it die. And regardless of your sentiments, I suggest you do the same.

And you DO realize that APEX supports console tournaments as long as they are held at an arcade or business, RIGHT? How else would you expect most people to hold GGXX tournies, what with the whole 18 or so machines in the whole freakin’ country? Dipshit.

Ok, answer was no, everything is peachy keen so far.

There is nothing here to say that you are only referring to arcade tournaments. You mention APEX, but again, APEX allows console tournaments as long as they aren’t held at someone’s house. So I mention that they are banned because of that. You get all huffy and assume that I’m attacking you, which leads to this mess. Sheesh.

I know a lot of people on this site that DO give a shit about console tournies, especially in GGXX, since there are not many machines around.

You think anybody at this site should give a shit about that? When SRK does something this drastic, one would rightly presume that they’d have already accounted for everything for the majors they sponsor, which is what count the most and not some local tourney. If not, then surely they’d lose any and all respect from GGXX and SF players alike in a heartbeat.

And what the fuck makes you the think console tournaments are immensely going to improve anything? The purpose of an arcade is to make money with less hassle. Only few of them, if not any, are willing to buy a PS2/DC, and order MAS sticks and several copies of the game without having to deal with people constantly signing up to play while monitoring who’s playing Arcade mode and making sure nobody steals them. So what then would be the point of sponsoring a tournament that’s just as hard to find and even more cumbersome? I don’t expect most people to hold arcade tournies for the game. I’m well aware of the lack of machines around the country. But for an event like Evo, that shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not being hosted all over the freakin’ country, now is it?

Again, didn’t I ask if those characters were playable in the arcade version? That’s stressing the point enough, don’t you think?

Excuse me? I don’t know what you have against me, but you’ve been waiting to flame me ever since I replied. I was able to tell off-hand from experience that you think I’m a dumbfuck, it was only a matter of time before you rebutted with insults. Obviously, I wasn’t being cautious enough. You correct me in ways that needlessly insinuate impatience and frustration as well as insult my intelligence, which I so humbly try to defend myself from the first few times without flames, and now you call me a dipshit. If that’s not attacking, I don’t know what is. Why wouldn’t I get huffy? No, scratch that. Why would you get huffy? Is it because I’m still new to this game and I don’t completely know yet what I’m talking about? Is it because I’m so new that I, somehow, am seemingly expecting too much? Or is it because the Internet is a free-for-all in which you can get away with spouting all the bullshit you damn well please? Give me a break. You are just an angry person; one too aggressive to even consider talking to and one that doesn’t yield to how others think and feel.

Not that it matters since you’re not the only one who’s treated me this way, but seeing as how shit like this is bound to turn up without cause, I don’t know why I still bother coming here.

Yes, but like I said, the majors are what matter the most here and it’s a given that not everyone will get a chance to visit one anyway to at least play even more popular games like MvC2.

But that’s like saying arcade > console, which, in many cases, it isn’t.
Not every state has one (not even NY), so we have to stick to console, or else.

Even if what you say is true, nothing that happens in other tourneys is worth discussing unless you’re sharing some useful strats based on your own experience.

You know what, I’m sorry if you’re an oversensitive twit. I hardly said anything inflammatory to you for my first few posts, and then you accuse me of being off-topic because it’s YOUR thread, and get this really arrogant attitude with me. Then when I rebut you, you try to come off as some victim with your “You’re just trying to flame me” posts. Cripes. And you say I’m overly aggressive? You’re just a whiner. Quit trying to act like everyone is out to get you. End.

Yes, hardly. I told you you were waiting to flame.

I had good reason to reiterate this being my thread, albeit in a way I admittedly shouldn’t have. I was simply making a point which you misinterpreted and then threw back in my face, so of course I’m going to get aggravated. But, I still didn’t flame.

But you know what? Fuck all of this. You can ridicule me all you want because I’m not one to hold any grudges and this bickering has wasted enough my time. If I came off as arrogant to you, then I openly admit fault. I should’ve watched my wording. Now I know better, so let’s drop it.

By all means, drop it. :wink: