So, now that Soul Caliber 4 is officially in the Evo Lineup

…can we get a forum dedicated to SC4 like MvC2, STHD, etc… have?

Seems like if a invite only game (TvC), past Evo games (alpha, CvS2, Vanilla ST, Smash), and Sirlin’s Card game all get their own forum, then SC4 should also…

I know this might be sacrilege or blasphemy since no 3D game has ever had their own dedicated forum on SRK (that I remember), but it does seem appropriate since Soul Caliber is an official game this year. And I realize that other 3D fighters (Tekken and VF5) didn’t get their own forums, but ‘no forums for 3D fighters’ seems like a silly distinction to me.

Anyways, just wanted to see what others thought…feel free to flame me for my blasphemy. :lovin:

Guilty Gear is on the lineup…but they don’t have a subforum.

i guess that makes sense lol

I don’t think thats how it works but good point

It’s because those games have their own entire forums dedicated to the games/series of the games. Making a subforum here unnecessary.

Lets learn to spell the name of the game correctly before asking for a forum for it.

I don’t think SRK was ever meant to represent the communities for each game included in Evo.

LOL :rofl:

doesnt smash have there own site to tho?

yes, I agree

sub forum for seoul calabur 4 please!

lol, When I use to manage a arcade. The home office would spell it just like that.

caliber, instead of calibur.

Hasn’t Tekken been in Evo for years w/ no subforum?

I always assumed, since Evo is run by SRK and TZ, people just went to TZ for it.

Except that site is filled with 3 year olds.

good point.