So one of my buttons is acting up

…and i would like some inputs as to why it’s doing what it’s doing. So my RB button on my fightstick goes out sometime while i’m mid game. After it stops working, if i hit Triple Punch (X, Y, and RB) it works again. Does anyone know what’s goin on? I switched the buttons around and i’m sure it’s not the buttons. Thanks in advance for the help.

More information is needed. What type of stick is it? What PCB does it have? Is it dual modded. Also pictures are worth a thousand words. Really there’s dozens of different reasons things that could go wrong and without propper details it’s impossible to diagnose the issue.

It’s a round 1 Xbox 360 TE with everything stock except the buttons. and it is not dual modded. I’ll take pics of the interior as soon as i can.

You might just have a pcb that’s dying, or there might be some metallic debris touching the board somewhere causing a short.

I think it’s time to get a new controller. LOL

I found the source of the problem! Its this ribbon. Sometimes the ribbon is in a bad position, and when i move it my RB works. So do you think it’s the board or the ribbon itself?

LOL i just bought this one.

New or pre-owned? And were from?

from this dude in eagle rock lol off of craigslist used

what do you think about the problem tho? like, which is it?

He could have just off-loaded a broken fightstick on you lol.

In all seriousness either it’s got a short, or the dude spilled something on it and only cleaned the surface and let it dry out. That’s what I think it could be.

which? the board? or the wire?

Are you moving the board or the wire or the ribbon? Replace that.

im moving the ribbon, but what if female connection of the board is bad?

Well that’s just a chance you’ll have to take.

okayy…for reference, what’s the name of the board that the ribbon is connected to?

Before you replace the ribbon completely rule out that it just may have a bad connection from debris under it or it not being positioned correctly. Take the ribbon out completely and inspect the connections, make sure everything is clean and dust/debris free on both sides of the connection. Put the ribbon back and see if works or if it still disconnects from wiggling. If it’s still the same problem you may be able to fix with some hot glue to prevent the ribbon from wiggling.

Have you tried just changing the RB button with a different one?
Maybe the microswitch itself is dying ($1 part, can happen easily).

yeah i switched the buttons around and still got the same problem coming from RB regardless of which button was on it