So PC players and PS4 players will be able to play together online?


someone told me this today, is it true?


Yes, it’s true.


Yes! I know some people were bummed that it is console exclusive to the PS4, but a result of that is cross platform play with the PC. Something that may not have happened if it were showing up on the other console as well.


Yes, in fact beta players have already been able to play cross platform.


You have the option to turn this off if you really don’t want cross-platform play.


I understand that some are afraid of a dilution of the characteristics; that miscegenation will occur and racial admixture will be the inevitable result. But I tell you now, platform exogamy is a moral imperative. Only by combining our genes can we generate the perfect player, the uberspieler…


Yes its been so known you could of done a quick google search and gotten your answer.


I can’t think of any reason why would anyone want to do that. more players the better is it?


Unless a lot of those PS4 players use wifi.


Or the PC player is also using WIFI, or maxed out his settings on a system that can’t handle it, or is downloading torrents at the same time…


I certainly think so, but browsing Gamefaqs (lol…) there’s a belief that playing with those on PC will expose one to nothing but hackers and cheaters.
Why the hell do I even waste time over on that site.


Well I fought someone last night that was using a tool assisted program. I just rolled my eyes. lol


cross play won’t save you from bots. Tool_Assisted is made and ran from PS4, others are making PC bots.


Sad on both accounts.


Well, like already discussed, pretty much the best thing with SFV’s cross-platform is the fact that it does indeed increase the overall playerbase, rather than having separated groups. Although for instance USFIV still offers decent amount of players, adding PS4 in the bunch is good thing to go.

I also really doubt tool_assisted etc. will be that much of a problem or bots in general. Only annoying one that I’ve ever seen throughout the year has been the russian #1 Honda player who lagswitches all the god damn time and insults opponent in the mic.

Cross-platform experience at least for for me was positive in both Beta 3 and today’s stress test.


Yes, and its been freaking awesome.

Flawless victory.