So......people playing fighting games with Keyboards....WTF guys!


as I was perusing the gamefaqs forums I came across actual real life kids who use a keyboard for SF4 and acutally stand by it.

I mean, really? how…lame is that!

Is that a mainstream thing to do now? Christ, I even challenged a dozen or so KB users in SF4 and downed them easily, whats goin on?

Opinions plz

I played with a keyboard

in fact I prefer it to a controller

you will never have trouble performing DF motions.

who has trouble doin DF motions…

i’m sure you lost more than 1 match because you tried to do a FDF and you shot a hadoken

I just bought SFIV planning to play on keyboard, check out the link in my sig its [media=youtube]gzGDt-W3bgw&fmt=18[/media]

A few years ago in my AP comp sci class we would play MvC1 and Smash (N64) with keyboards sometimes. It actually wasn’t that bad once you get used to it, the only real problem is that shitty keyboards can’t handle multiple inputs very well (trying to hit forward + triple punch/kick wouldn’t come out most of the time)

Almost all pads are worse than a decent (accepts multiple key presses) keyboard. I can’t understand how people can play games with some of the pads out there (360??? Even DS).

This [media=youtube]oS5sAtoPTOY[/media]

Nope. I main Chun Li and use a stick.

I can play all characters well with a stick or pad. Using a KB is blasphemy and a joke

Its not as bad as you might think after you get use to it.

Don’t get me wrong i’m still a diehard Stick player, but i’ve gotten decent at using keyboard from fucking around on my laptop during class.

Vampire is definitely the game i’ve found easiest with keyboard, I can combo into tenraiha and such with LeiLei in it.

Keyboard master is a freaking beast though, that guy shreds so hard

While you guys are inputting moves into the game you are also secretly inputting nuclear launch codes.

some keyboard user raped me in melty blood, granted I’m not that good though.

lol keyboards

Easiest game I’ve played on KB was Rage of the Dragons, I cant even play that game on stick…

What kind of ridiculous counter argument is that? “Durrrr I never had to use shoryken motion duurrrrrr”

When I’m bored on occasion I play Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure or Garou over GGPO on my netbook’s keyboard. I’m not that bad.

hey keyboards are cool, simple inputs like 66 qc or dp might even be easier, though hc is probably a bit slower and 360 or 720 is pure sillyness

down up charges are also sort of a pain if you’re using the same finger for up/down, and i don’t even want to think about doing guile/claw style charge supers

doing TK motions isn’t very easy either

so i guess you could play like akuma ryu or gouken or someone with only simple inputs pretty effectively on keyboard

that being said i still use stick for most games


iamp is cool for keyboard cuz the hardest motion is hcf and only 2 characters even have it

It’s gonna be silly to see players start bringing Keyboards to EVO instead of Arcade Sticks. Oh what a generation, eh? :rofl:

I would have been a BOD last year for HDRemix tourni, maybe next time :wonder:

it isnt…I shouldnt have to argue with KB player, get a real controller or at least bring ur KB to EVO this year so I can record u failing and post it on youtube