So people voting Oro or DeeJay?

Curious to see if Peeps want Oro or Deejay. I am hoping out of five round we finaly see the old master.What about everyone else?

Definitely Deejay.

Definitely Oro.

Is there a possibility of gouging my eyes out instead?

I can’t particularly say I want to see Oro or Dee Jay as they are two of the dumbest looking fighting game characters ever. Honestly I’ve never liked either character.

If I had to pick I would go with Dee Jay, just because Oro is my least favorite character in all of Street Fighter, and he looks like a giant yellow turd, honestly there’s not a good chance of me buying either figure.

Oros got my vote! ^^

I like Dee Jay but I just had to give SF3 its props and vote for Oro.

^^Same here, there’s no SF3 representation in the series yet and they’re almost out of SF2 guys to manufacture. They’re going to run out of SF2 guys soon and there’ll be nothing left but Alpha and SF3. That’s not a really good way to balance your toy line.

I’ve only recently played Street Fighter III (the first one) for the first time. I was on holidays down in the city, and found a machine, the first SF3 machine I’d ever seen. I didn’t see Oro on it though, so I don;t know if I’ll like him or not. Deejay is okay though, I prefer him over T. Hawk any day.

oro is the shit

he can beat anybody with one arm, if he would use two he should be in mvc2

Oro for sure

vote for Oro

He could have been in MvC2. He already has a launcher.

If there ever is another versus game, I hope they put in a few SFIII characters. Or perhaps, the SFIII versions of Ryu, Ken, and Chun Li.


Dee Jay for sure, no one can touch his mad beatz.

All I have to say is if Dee Jay wins out he better have swap out hands with the sand-thingies. And the ability to stick his hands down his pants.