So Pringles

Did anyone know about this picture?

Found here.


that is pretty lols

That shit is mint.

:rofl: That is absolutely awesome.

thats funny

Lol, gotta love it

<3 Blue like Cotton Candy!

Make it rain!

i need a bigger/higher res version of this lol

so… wheres the curly mustache???

so… i uh… never really got this ‘pringles’ saying… is it refrencing the team or somethin… i hate to be behind the times like this…

Don’t worry I bet everyone else is in the same boat as you, but they still laugh to fit in.

He references pringles in the slogan “Once you pop, you just can’t stop” comparing it to getting hit by magneto, once you get hit, you can’t stop getting hit.

I saved that picture a while ago. It’s so damn awesome. Lol