So sakuras alternate costume colour 10



ive noticed that colour 10 of her alternate costume is slightly different to the other colours of her alternate costume do any other characters have this?


No. Only Sakura. Cause she’s cool like that.


i hate her alternate costume 1-9. id rather have different colors of her alternate costume 10. oh well, i pick her regular color 5 (green one?). it makes her look like kagome from inuyasha, lol.


Aw come on. Orange costume no. 6! So if I’m really drunk or tired I won’t lose track.


I pick Alt costume #5 or #1 because they match the black and white Ryu costumes. It’s like we’re training together :slight_smile:


Or the pink one, no. 9, when playing Dan. A true Saikyo warrior!


I nearly always pick 9 :3


I always pick #9.
Pink Sakura <3


Alt #2 is the same as Ryu’s #2 as well, colour of gi, gloves and headband =3 “We” have a theory that the gi in her alt is Ryu’s old one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not much a fan of the gi, it does look kinda cute on her 'cause it’s too big for her :stuck_out_tongue: I pick regular #10, 9 and alt #10 in that order, I usually rotate :slight_smile:


Regular #8 I like my grays!
Taunt #8 I mean come on, are you for real!


Regular #10 all the way for me.


Regular #10 and #2, my favorite color is red.
Taunt #6, Schoolgirl giggle to spite your opponent!


I get so jealous when other people use OG #10, or any of the cooler taunts. :frowning: I can’t do the trials, even with zangief. My lariat spam fails every time :frowning:


Hehe, some characters you just have to be a bit cautious with the lariat spam, Cammy in particular but once you understand how the AI works the only tricky ones are the ones that don’t allow specials :frowning:

Taunt #6 for me too, that giggle is so cute <3


Taunt 3, does anyone else favor that? Playing for keeps…


I used to go for the brownish No. 4. Nowadays I use custom ones.

Taunt 3 (the one where she stretches) is cool because you can time it to go under a fireball.


I like all of the alternate colours except for the green one.


I like regular #1.
On PC i use that casual Sakura thing for alt #10.

and yes, taunt 8 I’m for real.


In my eyes, she’s never clothed, so I don’t mind any of her costumes. =P



You imagine that too?

Like wowzas!