So...SF3 was considered a failure...what are some reasons that might be so?

So the cast only had a couple familiar faces, even with Third Strike’s attempts to cater to the complainers. Ok…that might be enough to alienate people who didn’t expect such a drastic cast change. I noticed one big change, aside from the cast: the game was totally serious. Sean may have been considered a “joke” character, but there was nothing silly or goofy about him, or the sf3 series. It was the most serious iteration of SF I’ve ever seen…especially compared to 4. Are there an other factors for the sf3 series not being a bigger hit?

Amongst your serious characters, you still have your weird and wacky characters in design and story (though nothing beats Hakan XD). You’ve got your wacky alien creatures, guys in thongs (and we’re supposed to take them seriously), gentleman boxer looking for his car of all things, and Hugo with his wacky facial reactions.

SF3 wasn’t shy about being goofy compared to SF2 or Street Fighter Alpha series. I’d say, even with your stereotypical characters, SF2 tries hard to make them serious, and were we sold on that idea.

To add, I’d also say that SFA and VS series could have affected SF3’s popularity. SFA introduced more familiar characters that were reiterated to Super Puzzle Fighter, Pocket Fighter. Its sprites were still used for the VS series. By the time SF3 was introduced, people just stuck with something more familiar and more established.

That would be because SF3 was not as widespread in arcades. And at any arcade with SF3 NG, people were playing XMEN VS Street Fighter and Alpha 2 over it. Also no home system could even run a port of SF3 until it was already 3 years late on DC.

Alot of factors. Then even with 3S, the arcade was even slimmer pickings by then, the initial home release was for the Dreamcast, which was officially dying at the time, limiting the people who would/could play it, unltil it too, was years old on PS2/XBOX.

I think many 3S characters look kinda goofy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Actually, when I saw Hakan(and I like him) he kinda felt “3S-ish” in design to me, somehow. Or maybe “goofy” isn’t the right word, but… weird or strange kinda. While SF2 has more (relatively) down-to-earth national-stereotype kind of characters.

If game has decent sized cast, its normal to have few goofy characters in it…in 3S it was vice versa - a goofy cast with few normal-looking characters in it.

i think 3s was failure because daigo moment happened years after it come out

SF3 was a failure? that’s news to me i always hear everyone say that Third Strike was one of the greatest fighting games of all time if not the best…

Well I guess it sucked in retail sales.

But the game is by no means a failure. Still pretty fun to play.

3s might have been a failure in US sales but the game is far from a “failure”. I think it’s the only non next-gen game still having big tournaments/ranbats. Not to mention it’s known as one of the greatest street fighters ever created. Even Ono said it was perfection. It has it’s flaws, just like every fighter.

I don’t give a fuck if it was a failure or not. I love playing it, and I never have a problem finding other people who love it too.

It’s getting to the point where people are taking it personal.


I saw an ad for 3s once in a Dreamcast magazine. I didn’t even know it ever came out for DC or in the Anniversary Collection, all I ever saw were ads for the Marvel games and Alpha games. Then when the Anniversary Collection came out, I never saw ads for it or that it even existed. Seriously, I saw more Vs and A game pushes in a year than I had for 3s up to now.

So yeah, bad marketing on Capcom’s part. It took me being in an anime convention game room and seeing Ken on a projector being played in a really fluid and pretty game to finally go out and find what this game was that looked cool, which turned out to be 3s. I thought “Is this a new VS game or a better MUGEN or what?” and I remember even saying to a friend “They came out with a SF3?!” and we even looked all over for a copy for PS2 and couldn’t find one until we had to search for an Anniversary Collection to play.

It had Hugo which I remembered from Final Fight, Ryu, Ken, and Chun and that was enough for me to be an SF game.

The OP is an ASS 3S was no where near a failure. Your just mad because you where not good at it.

Don’t make troll threads about one of the greatest fighting game’s of all time.

The OP is an ASS 3S was no where near a failure. Your just mad because you where not good at it.

Don’t make troll threads about one of the greatest fighting game’s of all time.

I think the OP meant that it was a financial failure, which is quite undisputable.

People complained that the re-releases of SF2 were getting stale, and then complained when they got something new. Typical video game fans, IMO.

rock on, poster

I love Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and I’m nowhere near the pro level at the game. It’s just so much fun to play and it has a certain coolness that other games don’t have. It’s hard to explain cool, but you know it when you see it and Third Strike is cool.

Now, when people say that it was a commercial failure, I have to point out that Capcom made a GAZILLION dollars with Street Fighter 2 and it’s three hundred or so variations. Expecting Third Strike to sell like Street Fighter 2 when Third Strike also had to compete against a hundred other Capcom fighting games at the time is just not fair.

I would have loved to play SF3: 3S in the arcades, but to my knowledge it was never even released in my area. I think it’s fair to say that it just wasn’t very widespread, as a previous poster stated.

The OP is actually right that 3S had a very serious cast. The posters who say they werent, or freaks, etc, are just fools and don’t know the characters at all.

Twelve was a very serious character and was roughly based on the T-1000 and Clayface, etc, basically morphing powers. Twelve spoke in code and most of his dialogue means “kill” and such. His memories don’t last and he works for Gill’s organization. He is insanely powerful and likely would not have a problem carrying out any objectives which probably ends with someone being killed.

Necro was serious as well as Effie. They may have looked abnormal to most, but their characters were always on the run for their lives as Gill’s organization wanted them found and dead. Effie and Necro were together, but quite sad and alone in the world because they would never find peace. (his official artwork has him sad most of the time)

Oro was about as powerful and badass as you could get, and yes, at 140 he does have a silly sense of humor (somewhat like Roshi from DB/DBZ) but is also serious about fighting and training the right warrior- Ryu.

Gill may have been half red/half blue with blond hair and killer physique, but he looks quite badass to me. He has demented and messed up plans for the world and his organization is like a very nightmarish religious cult. He was based on the Spartans and Gods of old (why he wears robes and a loin cloth while fighting)

Urien is a buffed evil badass that laughs at your failures and blurts out “kill”, “crush” and “destroy” at you while he tries to kill you. He laughs and states “you died”. He looks evil and menacing and one of his arts is to make his body rock solid literally or rather metal solid. He wears a loin cloth like the Spartans and gods of old and wants to take over his big brother’s organization by any means necessary.

Q has people running from him when he comes out to fight. He makes weird breathing sounds and crushed your skull by stepping down on it after you are defeated. He wears a crazed mask and trench coat and lives in mystery. He is also extremely dangerous and powerful and the CIA is looking for him.

Hugo is a giant wrestler in the vane of Andre the Giant. His stance makes him appear drunk (which is a possibility). He is a giant amongst giants with little brains and his main objective is to squash you. His manager is a female with a penis who laughs and taunts you every chance she gets.

Sean may be bottom tier in 3S, but he is NOT a joke character (Blanka, Rufus, Hakan, Dan are your joke characters). Sean turned down a gold trophy that Ken was going to give him because he wants to win one himself and will do that with hard work and determination even if it means getting beasted by Ryu over and over again to do so. He is a newbie and wants to work hard to earn himself victory in martial arts.

Remy is bitter and very serious. His sister that he was very close to is dead and his fighter father abandoned them a long time ago. Remy likes to kick everyone’s ass for it.

You don’t have to like any characters in 3S ,but yes, the SF 3 series takes itself very seriously in story and gameplay. While the SF Alpha series AND SFIV series are far more goofy and cartoonish, the SFIII series follows more in the style of SFII in being more crucial and serious.

Some people may see the 3S cast as goofy and freakish, while I see them as one of the most amazing and unique casts of all-time.

and the SFIII series “failed” for reasons already mentioned= Arcades dying, too many other games out as well especially the dawn of 3-D games, and the biggest reason of all is very limited if any advertising combined with the SFIII arcade games being very hard to find in your area if at all.

The unfamiliar character reason is mentioned sometimes by those who have little clue what they are talking about. This may ring true at first for any new game, but once people play the game they GET familiar with the cast. But with the case of the SFIII series, it was so hard to find and play that not many people were able to get familiar with the cast. Thus, why you have some of the people who never played it and only seen videos or pictures of SFIII, getting online and posting in forums calling them “freaks”, “unworthy”, etc., as well as a lot of other ignorant hate-filled trash about the game.

This is very true. Everyone I knew from the arcades at the time (which was a lot since online gaming was nothing at the time) complained so much about more SFII games. No one really wanted to play SFII anymore and getting something new for a sequel was requested the most to Capcom. The big joke was the players always coming up with a silly new title for the next SFII upgrade.