So sometimes my HP comes out as taunt... Or HK


Why would it be doing this? Anybody good with sticks know what would cause this? Insides look fine to me, and it did it before my mod sometimes… Is it just the stupid SE stick? Madcatz!!! :sad:


I think it might be possible to take one of the other 2 buttons you don’t use, and like move it to where the HP is “housed”? (is that even the right term?) Of course that would mean that your configuration would be deemed “special” but as long as you can do the fuerte loop right?

Also do you have taunt set as one of the extra buttons? or maybe you’re slipping and pressing FK as you go to press FP?


I can look at your stick for you if you’re going to Preppy’s on friday, Elias.

Frank, I think you’re looking for the word “mounted”, but that sounds like the only idea if we can’t figure out what is wrong with the PCB, switch it to a custom/weird configuration and just memorize how you want it setup after you switch HP to a different unused button…


Well I have both my 7th and 8th buttons set to HK, I wonder if that has something to do with it. I can take one of them off but I need at least one of those extra ones set to hk.


HP + HK = Taunt right…

Maybe you accidentally touching the HK when trying to press HP…Seeing you have a limp wrist :wgrin:


Turn your taunt off when selecting your character & you’ll be fine


The MadCatz SE stick is hot garbage, end of story.

I get that taunt thing too sometimes.

Also, I get the whole tiger knee instead of tiger shot thing going on. The reason why it does that because of the washer that’s on the bottom of the stick.

Again. MadCatz can burn in hell.


Nah because I don’t want HK to come out instead of HP either.