So Street Fighter V sold 1.4 million copies in under 2 months


Remember when people thought it sold like 400k and that we might not even make it to a Season 2? Lol good times.

Just get that Zenny shop up and running Capcom, you crazy fools.


Eh, on Steam it has the same player numbers as USF4 did (huge decline since launch) which isn’t saying much considering Ultra was just an update to an old ass game, while SFV is suppose to be a brand new blockbuster. Sounds like you really want this game to succeed, but don’t care if Tekken 7 fails. Kappa The Capcom fan boy is strong here.


I heard someone say that these numbers mean that SF5 is underperforming vs SF4 Vanilla’s release substantially. I don’t know the numbers behind the claim so can anyone confirm/deny this?


The game sold 10 times more on PS4, who cares about Steam numbers. It didn’t even go on sale yet for Steam.

And breh this is literally my third post, how can you know how I feel about Tekken 7 lol.


Surprising considering how little player there seem to be online but good news.


Remember when Capcom said they’d sell 2million by the end of that fiscal year?

That’s falling pretty damn short of expectations. They don’t seem too worried as they have stated sales have been steady enough on digital front, but this IS a release for shareholders so they are going to sugar coat it A LITTLE. According to steamspy(somewhat reliable but not something to bet the farm on). Since after the first 2 weeks SFV has had an added variance of around 10,000~30,000 sales. Not too shabby but not gonna blow the roof off.

Capcom had the exact same expectations for SF4, 2 million, and ended up with ~3 million in the same period of time. Super sold ~2 million as well.

SFV is playing the long game, but that is far far below expected sales of 2million, don’t try and pretend it’s not.

Vanilla SF4 was HUGE. In less than 2 weeks from launch SF4 sold over 2 million, it sits at 3.4 million on their platinum charts, I dunno how often they bother to update that either. I think they stop after the fiscal year ends, could be wrong.

SFV may be a service, and doing more digital content, but here is something to chew on: As a series SF4 has sold well over 8million units.


Cause this is a Pro Capcom forum, Tekken fan’s don’t exist here, and people will defend even the worst Capcom games. (not saying SFV is bad)

But before you bring up SFxT, it was a RARE case, it was the first time people went against their Capcom overlords cause of the placebo effect being strong enough, we might not see a rebellion like that for another 10 years.

You also have to remember that might not be the real numbers, they like to give their stock holders a nice juicy number, and a nicely worded document. I wouldn’t be so quick to underestimate the Steam market, you can’t just dismiss PC numbers anymore, especially considering how much PC gaming is blowing up, literally EVERYONE IS PLAYING MOBAS and counter strike now, the new consoles are a joke. Like it or not, your ass WILL BE playing on a PC soon the way consoles are going, and i’ll be here smiling with open arms.


Well, 3 thing we can consider are

  • SFV peoples did everything in theyr power to bomb the launch
  • Retard videogame press added some
  • Maybe (i don’t know) the PS3/X360/PC base back then was bigger in numbers

Overall is a good result imho, specially counting that SF4 was kinda a success and THE fight game of the past gen, while if you read around SFV is painted as Titanic 2.0


Btw the return of fan favourites via DLC will help a lot, but imho the real boost on the casual crowd (the one scared by bad press/whiners feedback) wich can change numbers is this

and in minor part this

If they can hype it well SFV can recover some momentum

At least they handled Guile launch better than Alex one. It’s a start i guess

Now i want Zenny shop and more free shit as possible for Season Pass owners


EVO might give it a boost in sales if they play their cards right, the level of play will increase, so it should be more enjoyable to watch for some spectators watching it on Twitch.

The one argument I hate on this subject is the " People are waiting for (insert character) then they will buy the game. " EVERYONE WHO IS GOING TO PLAY THIS GAME FOR THE LONG RUN HAS ALREADY BOUGHT THE GAME. " There’s no 2 million dedicated Juri fans waiting for her arrival, there’s not even 500K, not even 100K, not even 10K Juri fans waiting for her arrival. Remember how Alex was suppose to spike sales 50%? lmao

But the games future has lots of potential, ESPECIALLY IF THEY KEEP THEIR PROMISE for no super edition, it will be nice and easy for casuals to gradually get into after every EVO or major they see on Twitch that gets them into fighting games. (Yes, Twitch plays a big role in games popularity nowadays, it’s gotten me into Dota, and so many games)


Evo having 5,000 people show up for SFV makes more sense now. It seems like less of some crazy cult following and more the result of a game that actually did sell decently and inevitably brought more people into the scene through that. Final Round numbers even sounded way too big for something that only sold 200,000 copies. They reached 1440 player cap by Friday.

As far as the overall sales, this works perfectly in Capcom’s favor in the long run. In the digital age you don’t need to sell every disc you throw out there and considering the PC version doesn’t even have a disc that’s less money they spend making physical hardware. Once the zenny shop opens, more casual/single player modes open up and they fix more of the buggy issues with the interface things should go up from there. The DLC platform is pretty much set to make money every month once they inplement it and should up the player base significantly.

If they can release a free to play option next year and the game starts getting put on sale, definitely see them making the money they need in the long run. It’s definitely certain the game is getting 6 years of DLC at this point. No question.


Evo is cool but imho it does mostly speak to the FGC, from the pros to the lowest levels

I was pointing at the cinematic story mode of June as if they are smart they can use it as “new begin” to get that untapped casual audience

Like the cinematic story being actually very good and get some douche hipster-bearded big site reviewer be like "now that’s the real SFV we was all waiting alleluja 10/10 would pay again"
Repeat that for most big sites, plus some loud casual blogger/youtuber/whatever get in “now it’s good” mood, and they have a decent chance to counter part of the initial shit tsunami

I agree that SFV does’nt necessary grow to get money in the long run, but if they can recover a bit from the bomb launch and have a wider year 1 base, they can do way more in the long run


I thought 4 sold 3.6 in 2 months.


You are a fucking idiot. The game launched for both PS4 and Steam. The sales on Steam contributes to the game’s lifetime sales.


I’d reckon EVO this year will give the game a huge boost seeing how many entrants are there and how generally hype the SF series is at this event


Hopefully that’s enough for a season 2 bundle of characters. That’s really all I want at this point: support from Capcom beyond 2016.


I had to stop pc gaming due to back problems/posture. Went to xb1. After a couple months I was just sickened with 30fps on “next gen” gaming. F it all, I went right back to PC gaming, with 4year old gear getting 60fps on new stuff.
and now they just announced the nvidia Pascal cards so for a few bucks more it will blow the hell out of consoles. 60-144frames, 4k, and VR.
And at the end of the day better controls as well.


Steam sales have to account for something here because the game did 300K or something first month and didn’t even chart second month.

However he’s a fuckhead for a different reason; talking about Steam Sales. Yeah guyz wait till it goes on sale for 5$ then sells 10 million it’ll be so successfullz.

This is not a fucking indie title. If everyone waited for AAA games to go on Steam sales AAA games wouldn’t exist, and all your mighty PC graphics cards would be completely worthless. Cant believe I actually have to explain this to people.


Yeah. There’s no comparison. Especially with how Microsoft and Sony cheaped out on hardware big time this cycle.

However. It’s the mentality of some people. Or I guess lack thereof. When you go PC you have to be responsible, because the power to destroy the industry that you love is a click away. You actually have to have a heart and brain and I know that’s asking alot of gamers.


According to finances from capcom, the game is on their platinum games as 3.4. Since it was also released Feb they probably used the same time period until end of fiscal year and so they cut off the sales on their records. That’s just a guess. We will see in the future months because right now SFV sits at 1.4. (2nd page)

Interesting, you need to read the full context of the statement by Capcom, the article on ehubs actually cuts off something that changes the entire tone.

The way that ehubs cut out the start makes it appear as though they are saying SFV digital sales were good. Notice that for one thing, SFV maintained sales while RE0 increased. However they have discussed multiple games, including one that massively broke expectations. An overall view of the sales and digital download revenue might be good for all of them equally, but it also might be one or two games did much better than the others and remain better, they also may have been discussing overall digital content sales, not just those three games they mentioned.

Actually if you also read their presentation section on digital content:

They are HEAVILY emphasizing that the monster hunter series was the main contribution over the last 9 months, read the whole presentation. Then they mention Dragon’s Dogma online, the free2play game, had 1.5 million and is now their core game after monster hunter on the digital front. However it was mostly Monster Hunter Cross.

Edit: In the end, 1.4 isn’t awful. It is, however, the lowest initial launch FG entry from Capcom for the platinum series. SFV did outsell a bunch of followups though, like AE and Ultra, it even outsold UMVC3

I think 1.4 is enough that Capcom wont have trouble continuing to invest in the game for a while. Unless somehow digital sales on DLC content are way lower than expectations SFV is in decent, if lower than expected, hands. No question there will be at least another 2 years after this season, in my mind.