So the Dude from Emmure Plays Street Fighter

Interesting, I never really liked Emmure, but I can’t help but respect this guy.
Does anyone know if there’s any tournament footage of him?

And sorry if this is the wrong forum, I didn’t know whether I should put this in the SFIV forum or this one.

He has an unmodded SE, so we can deduce he sucks and doesn’t play in tournaments

I remember him posting in the Metal thread a while ago lol

Show of hands. How many people had to Google “Emmure”?

oooh, oooh, me, me, me, me!!

You know who else played street fighter. Me. And when I played hippos wept.

Chances are you’ll get a better response in the SFIV forum, if only because they know their shit better than her as far as tournament videos go.