So the dudley vs Rog match up

I happen to play a copy of super street fighter iv early at a friends house and i was playing Rog and my best friend (who is well known for his dudley skills in 3s in the midwest) who picked dudley…the match up is pretty decent.

here are the matches.

match 1 - [media=youtube]z53_Pr4lvc0[/media]

match 2 - [media=youtube]FqNwLQAFBlE[/media] (i choked under so much pressure)

match 3 - [media=youtube]1_xqdGapzD0[/media]

also tips is also welcomed lol.

Awesome stuff Deedogg, looks like a nice even matchup and nice to see your Rog improving as well, sticking with Rogster for Super?
Nothing I can give you tip wise except I was quite sad to see how many JabShortHeadbutt combos you missed out on, other than that I’m sure you guys where just having casual fun so probably not all that important anyhow.

Not much I can think of saying regarding the matchup itself, I’d have to watch more to get a good idea of it considering I’ve only watched 3S but never played it, so my knowledge of most of the 3S characters is moot until I get to play SSF4 :confused:

thanks man. when i was looking at the footage of me playing i was shocked myself. i just went for broke because i knew how alucards dudley is…and yes i am sticking with the rogster

I don’t understand why that Dudley allowed you to initiate almost every single attack with a jump in. I just can’t find the words to describe those matches. The only thing I can say is that I’m jealous that you have the game and I do not.

Balrog 4 life.

Damn, did Rog lose all his combos and low fierce in Super?

jokes. but seriously, too much jumping.

Also, i don’t think rolling thunder is a good choice as ultra against Rog. a lot of juggle opportunities missed. He only even connected them because you random ultrad or got FA2.

Thanks for the videos though. Good watch. the EX Cross Counter Vs EX Dash straight was interesting.

Rog can option select dudley on wake up with c.forward if he back dashes st. jab to sweep and if he does ex short swing blow c.forward hits him havent tested if you can combo anything else though. dudleys DP is ass he cant do it on wake up unless its ex cause jab beats it.

Sooo what should i work on :wgrin:

nice video I love balrog still getting used to him after swaping him as my main i played him vs guy today on Hardest . pretty close fight tho i still need to train abit


The guy is new with dudly. Do you think just becuse he was good in 3s with dudley he is also good is ssf4?
When some good player train with dudly for 2-3 months, then we will see that the matchup is probaly going to be be in dudlys favor

Even after that time I still see the match up being even. I think people are overestimating Dudley… Capcom said that this is the most balanced fighter that they have released.

Rog beats dudley free.

dudley gets lamed out free just as all the new characters balrog is great at doing that so in my opinion rog beats dudley not free but its harder for dudley

rog definately 5.5 - 4.5 matchup at dudley so far at this point. I can see it going 6-4 because of footsies, os, and armor breaking moves.

and most of all his normals just destroy most of the new cast.

“Most all his normals” aka jab : P seriously FA’s make his RH button more dangerous in general for getting punished. Not saying he loses to focus as that isn’t true, just his RH button has a little more risk to it whereas his jab and wakeup hitbox are still ridiculous. Rog’s gonna move up because his bad matchups just don’t exist anymore as sagat and gief got nerfed pretty badly and rogs is the same exact character. lol, jab, rh and j. FP are so silly with rog.

None of the cast has to respect his cr. RH as much which is nice for characters without god-like footsies and makes the match a little easier at mid-range vs rog than it was in vanilla. His dash punches are odd though now its like they have unthrowable frames or something there are a lot of times on wake-up my local friend will wake-up EX straight and my throws just whiff through them its really odd and annoying. Its hit or miss, but it definately happens sometimes need to figure out whats going on.

I’m with the “slightly in Rog’s favor” crowd at this point. Its hard for Dudley to get in on Rog…and if he does, Dudley still has to be weary of jabs into ultra.

Corkscrew Cross on reaction to Balrog’s rush-punches are a powerful thing though.

It’s a great counter to rush punches but no competent Dudley would ever use it though just like in 3’s unless it’s guaranteed as a round finisher I would think.

It’s all dependent on Dudley’s meter usage. If he uses it wisely and correctly then it’s 5-5. If not then Rog has him at 6-4

Agreed 100% on this, tried the matchup, and… Dudley has no real way to get in close against a good Rog. Take him to the corner and he is dust.