So the local scene might be picking SFxT up again~



So I was wondering… Can someone share some new developments since the game came out? >.> Last tech I remember was the guy that discovered the Fierce Fierce Fierce Fierce combo XD (c.HP anti-air, j.Fierce, nj.Roundhouse, cl.s.Fierce xx Pinwheel in corner).


^ that was day1 stuff…


XD That’s around the time where I quit. I dunno… SFxT had so much potential T_T But there were way too many dumb things that were unpunishable; and for a footsie game to not be able to play footsies – is a fail product. But now that they’re ratifying their mistakes, I’m thinking of making a return T_T

Was looking for some cliff notes from Vulcan, Kail or anybody really~


Well there is tons of juicy info in the threads here~ so look around and watch some match vids~


Who are the notable Juri players in SFxT?


I think Vulcan plays Christie/Yoshi now. Haven’t seen Kail here in a good while :frowning:

The Juri numbers have been dwindling, though there a good few of us that have stuck with her (Robofobe, Darkphyre, Shadaloodoll/SniperNightOwl, some others I’m forgetting).


I tried watching a couple videos the other day and saw that people are still using 3 low attacks to start their offense into boost combos… Truly an example of a double negative resulting in a bigger negative -_-; I’ll try to find some videos of the people you mentioned above =)


In the event you see any footage of me, I apologize in advance for being lazy and mashing lk for 80% of my boost chains >.>


lol, everyone mashes lk online I’m pretty sure, it’s just so much easier than linking. That suff’s getting nerfed though (or has it already been nerfed? I don’t even know).

I have no idea who plays Juri in this game. Like, Magman is the only tournament player I’ve seen using Juri (with Hugo on point LOL). And I haven’t played her in a while. Haven’t been exploring much Juri tech either… Shame on me.

Guess it’s up to you to show us how it’s done eiSH! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I vaguely remember playing against Metallicmike online. Although he doesn’t post here I know he plays the game from time to time. He kicked my ass with Juri and Alisa. So yeah, he’s pretty good. Try to check some of his replays maybe.


Or for midscreen AA solo combo (which lots should know by now is) cr.hp, jc,j.hp (delayed), cross-up, cl.hp, Senpusha. Total is 369 dmg. How ever after the nerfs total dmg will be 329. Now if you wish to tag off this you can do: cr.hp, jc, j.hp (delayed),, H Senpusha, SC, partner. In this case King comes in jumping knee lift, cr/cl.hp, RJB. Total is 500something for 1 bar.


[S]As stated in the combo thread, cr.hp > j.hp (delayed) > forward > cl.hp xx hk.fuhajin [TAG] yields better results in most cases.[/S]

I think I was delirious with lack of sleep when I posted this… I meant cr.hp > j.hp > cl.hp xx hk.fuhajin [TAG]…


I don’t… well not with Juri, because for some reason I’m horrible with Juri’s boost chains. It’s not even a “I don’t wanna do it because ewwww” thing, I literally fail at her boost combos more often than not, but seem to do everything else okay.

I don’t even understand why lol.

Of course, I was bad about using FSE in AE too, sooooo… >____>


My biggest achievement was getting out of pools at CEO 2012 beating Mike Ross but losing to Online Tony in the next bracket =(

When I start making videos again, please support me for I will be offering a different perspective on how this game should be played T_T
SFxT 2013 can’t get here any sooner~


You got it :slight_smile:


As a fellow Floridian, I will. You only play on PC?


I play on Xbox also T_T I think I still have like 15k BP on there from the first month of playing~


Why was my name mentioned. I’m not a SfxT Player. I find Juri to be incredibly boring in SfxT and I feel they keep striping her


Sorry. Mentioned you because I recalled some work of yours from way early on; wasn’t sure if you still played her or the game in general (pretty sure I said as much though).


Lewl, dat salt~ Juri’s still strong in this game – it’s just now everyone can do as much damage if not more than her now. The playing field is more even now me-thinks. Yeah they did nerf the shit out of Juri, but she can still do massive damage.

I’m starting to develop a distaste for all these so called “Combo Videos” that don’t teach anyone how to play this game =\ 50 hit combos that do 30-40% life… FFS -_-; Someone help me stop this maddening influx of garbage~


I agree eish, but look at them more as a means of “What can she do off of this situation”. Just mess around with her, I’m sure you’ll find something. I dunno if it helps but remember she can store a fireball even when not tagged in. If your combo allows it it might help…I dunno…doesn’t help me…lol. One of the best things I’ve learned was Hotaru’s late j.hp.