So the only outstanding characters are Ingrid and Joe (and maybe Mike)

Mike is a unique case in that he could either become his own character in the comic or just be Balrog.

Joe at this point could appear in a backup story or a future Legends story.

Ingrid, I’m not too sure where she could fit in.

Perhaps she should have her own Legends series?

What do you think?

Maybe a cameo in an SFL story for Ingrid. They are a bit past the point where they could fit her into the main story since they wrapped up Alpha long ago. SF2 is wrapping up now and it would seem odd if she showed up in the SF3 comic to me.

I don’t remember Eagle ever showing up either.

Oy, that’s right.

Eagle didn’t appear either.

I suppose he and Joe could also appear in flashbacks like Retsu or in another character’s Legends story like Lee.

Ingrid, I was thinking of her being the narrator at the end of the Turbo tournament and then getting us, the readers, ready for Street Fighter 3.

If they do appear somehow, then all the SF readers would have the satisfaction of seeing their favourites in the cpmic.

Ingrid as a narrator? LOL for some reason that makes me think of Yu Yu Hakusho, the anime and manga where they would use a slew of pretty girls as announcers and referees for their tournaments. :lovin: Well that or the MVC1 announcer. :lol:

SFL Chun-Li did have some mystical elements with those statues that Shadaloo was acquiring. There may have been a small window to include Ingrid there. Then again, that may have felt a bit forced. Hmmm.

Oh well if they ever do SFL Dan it would have lots of comedy. Pretty sure they could get away with anything. :rofl: