So The patch has arrive....what do you think about the new Vega?



So right now i have mixed feelings…this are my impression so far
Nj Hk seems to be very good…it’s actualy better than the vintage counterhit nj Hk…the opp doesn’t get knock away but ratter falls vertically right where you hit him…cmp to ST for a minumun of 256 damage out of one right guess…with one meter + 400 whit my team…if you have super…+500 easily…and the best part is that there is something diferent about nj HK it seems to have better hitbox or something cause im wining in the air with it more often…i may be wrong about that last one

Increased damage in HK ST and better juggle properties…the damage on my team has gone up noticeably and i know its because vega cause guile did’nt recieve any damage buff…i’m still playing around with the new combos available but so far looks good…new most practical damaging vega solo combo is Jhp, cl HP, cmp, mk ST, HK ST, Super…it does 539…

I like the increase of damage in air throw…i actualy land this quite often (even more often with Guile)…it takes a chunk of the health bar and feels really good…i can’t really coment if its actually better than it was before in anything other than the damage…it may just be

The nerf to clp and cmk was’nt affecting me much while playing…but i have to admit that i have not really engage in a footsie battle with anyone since the patch…of course clp, cmp its more difficult but it stills feels easier than in sf4

FBA does’nt seem very diferent…it still can be tag cancel to make it safe…i’m not feeling the reduce grab range just yet…

The nerf to HP SHC it’s worst thant what i inittialy thought…not only did they reduce the distance at which vega lands after a blocked HP SHC (Vega still lands far away on hit) they also reduced the block stun so if tag cancel vega seems to land far from the opp but the incoming char is in for a free punishment, it used to come with frame advantage in the previous version…regular SHC it’s going to be useless once again excep meaby to punish someone blatanly throwing fireballs from far…mp SHC if you have your back against the wall works just as well as the old hp SHC but its to specific a situation to be of any use in real matches

In my opinion Capcom messed Vega’s Super real bad…they say in the patch notes that it was modified in order to make it more easy to land…wrong…now conects easier if you want to cancel from a normal or your op its close to the wall…but if you are mid screen or close to the edge and the opp jumps at you when you activate super the knee will land ant the rest of the super WILL COMPLETELY WIFF…they made the opp fall faster after the initial hit so now Vega comes back from the wall too late…this is really bad cause Super is the only 100% reliable last minute antiair Vega has…even if it does’nt do much damage it has proven to be a game changer in the past for me and a “get out of me” move…you may think…“well meaby if you hit with it earlier”…yes…when you hit ops mid air it works better…but no more super on wake up to an opp jumping at you…and against the shotos due to their jump arc when activating too early it flies below then and the second part gets blocked on the way down…this suck ridiscoulsly hard to me and it has me bitter…i really hope i’m wrong and Vega players will figure out a way to make the super as usefull as it was before…

SO my fellow Vega players if there is still any around…have you tried the new Vega?..what do you think?


I’ve not played enough but the changes to air throw and the throw mechanics in general seem a plus. Hitting mk st into hk st is pretty nice but I still feel his strongest damage comes from linking cosmic heel from the mk st.

The nj hk change seems very good. I’ve noticed cr lk cr lp cr mp seems harder than before but like you said nothing like in sf4. I’ve not noticed the super if what you say is true that sucks since it was handy to have in your arsenal but the meter may be better spent on an alpha counter if it looks like the super will miss from now on.

Need to play a lot more before I can say more but I think his real buffs may come from the changes made to the rest of the cast.


yeah i guess it depends…you can now do mk ST to cosmic heel to HK ST and all the hits conect…i guess they reduced the damage of mk ST to avoid vega dealing to much damage on his solo combos…Ex ST now conects after HK ST as well but not after long jugle combos

Yeah…i noticed while they where releasing the patch notes how much of the abusive stuff vega could’nt deal with getting axed from the game…i still got mi ass kicked by a rufus and an hugo and i lost against a Ryu/Ken team for the first time in ages…but i was having a bad night


His air throw and izuna drop really feel easier to land. I don’t like the shc change what are these new combo possibilities that were mentioned on his update video the move just seems a tad useless now.


Total bullshit…that is what they are…i tried everything…on hit vega lands too far and recovers too late to do anything…and if you tag cancel you can’t combo either…there is another stealth nerf…they also messed whit the hitstun of SHC so you can no longer combo on tag cancel…it was posible before…aparently SHC was much better than what it was supose to be so they had to fix that…


Lol it was pretty funny compared to sf4 I could throw it out for the most part with no fear of punishment. SItill making it useless was a tad bit of overkill.

In other news I just got my first pandora combo, following a wall ounce into pandora you can hk scarlet terror, ex scarlet terror I to super. the damage is pretty poor though at around 460 IIRC. I’m sure there will be better combos but its a start.


You can top top that with regular Vega and 3 bars…Jhp, clHP, cmp, HK ST, EX ST, Super…around 550…so yeah…in pandora you should do some wicked damage…hell i got to around 800 using level 3 red gems…(the ones that activate after landing 15 strikes)…i hardly ever remember this is on the game but i may as well look into it


Yeah I think I may have have a fairly strong pandora combo but will need to test it and can’t be bothered right now. So far I’ve only been successful in landing pandora following an ex galactic tornado from my BBF Rufus but given the changes to pandora I really hope I can find a better way to combo into it since I can just go right into a 3 bar combo for which I hope is silly damage. I think I hit 555 in training the other day before the update and that was without gems or pandora so a pandora boost should be awesome.


Any new links? Like any new BnBs he might have?


No new links…but improved jugle properties in previously useless specials…for example…the new standart tag in combo for vega is cst mk, cmk, cmp, HK St…the HK st used to have its second hit wiff…now you can combo HK St after mk ST…EX Scarlet Terror after HK Scarlet Terror and so on…basicaly Vega got a much better combo ender than the one it had before…(Cr Hk)


Pandora combos will probably work best if you can tag Rufus in after a short combo (like maybe cl Hp x HK st) with good damage and have Rufus do ex galactic for the bounce into pandora.

My Pandora combos all do 600 damage meterless (with masked Vega). 700+ with full meter (Masked Vega). I use Vega x Akuma. The good thing is that they aren’t too hard to do. I just need a lot of practice since I am not good with Akuma yet.

I have an impractical pandora combo that almost does 800 damage with 3 meters about 760 with 2 meters. Maskless Vega has to land a CH FBA.

To answer the thread: Vega is better as I said he’d be.


To be honest, initially I thought the cr. lp nerf and the damage nerf to medium ST (the one I used most for combos) was going to make him much weaker but I feel that’s he’s pretty much the same. At least thats how he feels to me.


cmk into mk ST was waay too easy, negative edge make it so…now its actualy a problem…trying to use cmp when ever i want to cancel into HK ST…so far i still haven’t make my mind about weather he is better or worse…i’ve learned to work around the changes to super…it will always wiff on midscreen after a cosmic heel but it will work just fine out of a cancel normal on an airbone opp and will always combo fully after an HK ST no matter how hight you hit them it works fine as an anti air so long as you hit them a little earlier in the air than before


I thought the c.lp and were going to affect me more, but it really hasn’t it just made it harder to boost. What I don’t like is the Super Nerf, they intended it to hit more but it’s harder to hit in combos now >_<


I love Vega in this game. Pair him with a mix up and big damage partner and you have a partner.

I hope you are all using the neutral jump HK and airthrow to punish people for jumping around like idiots.

Also, if Vega gets the first hit, is it just me, or is there quite a large portion of the cast that can just…never catch him?


I dont think the cr.lp change from +5 on to +4 went through. So as far as i know it’s only 0 on block. He feels pretty much the same to me. the is a nice buff but it doesn’t cause a hard kd on hit like they said it would. doesnt matter though cause you should be starting a combo anyway.


So I just found out that EX ST has amazing juggle potential. You can now do EX ST x EX ST unlike before. Pandora combos with Vega can now do much more damage.


Though i was ranting about it before i think i kinda like the way the super is now…is not really fixed (the second part of the super should not miss ever) but i think if you know how to use it is more versatile than before…the key is for the super to hit complete you should try to hit it as hight as posible…before the patch in combos we used to let the opp fall for a moment in order to prevent the super to miss now is pretty much the oposite you need to hit it as early as posible…
A couple of observations
-The super doesnt hit complete at all when used after a cosmic heel on a grounded oponent mid screen…but if you do cosmic hell, cmp, Super…it will hit complete anywhere on the screen
-The super doesn’t miss after being cancel from a normal on a grounded oponent or during jugle state near the corner or anywhere on the screen…(excep the hilarious new glitch that occurs when you link cmp after an HP or EXrcf and then cancel into super near the corner)
-It will fully combo after an hk ST or ex ST almoust anywhere on the screen (so long as you don’t let then fall too low)…if you hit then too high near the corner it misses so you need to let them fall a bit here…
-As an anti-air you need to hit it earlier now so it conects fully…this really sucks…but i guess you can get by in those situations with guard cancel when what you really want is to get them off you…i istill hit this as an antiair pretty often…aparently people just can’t bring themselves to remember that Vega has one invincible antiair

I hit the training room as soon as i read this…since i’m not really into use pandora i look for aplication to this without sucess…when ever you can land two ex ST you are usually better of just using super…except i guess if you managed to conect one ex ST as an antiair…then i guess i would fallow up with another EX ST…

What i came across while plying with this stuff is a wicked anti air combo…anti air LK ST (usually when you manage to land this clean is pretty high at the pick of the opps jump arc)…fallow up with cosmic heel, cosmic hell, HK ST, Super…508 damage for 2 bars and one good read…yeah conect the lk ST is not so easy but may as well worth going for it everyonce in a while…


With mask off, and a counter hit AA nj HK I can do a pandora combo that does a little over 850 damage (no gems). It will OHKO Akuma. All because EX ST does so much damage for it being unscaled.

With mask on and no counter hit, it still does a little over 760 damage. You can start with nj hk/ a jf HP/ cosmic heel/ or cl HP.

If Cammy can do her HK cannon spike x cr hp x cr hp x cr hp x HK cannon spike, then that combo will do 679 damage off of an AA nj HK or 10 damage less if you start with cosmic heel or cl hp. It basically does high damage for little scaling which can be good for certain combos such as this one.

That’s why EX ST x EX ST is so good. Furthermore you can also AA HK ST and then use EX ST into a tag combo which you couldn’t do before.


Super shouldnt have been touched at all. It was fine. You just had to manually adjust your activation timing based on distance to the wall. Short of going to far wall full screen… I never missed super if I attempted it. Now because of the added delay you can only land super in specific circumstances. I personally dont like this iteration of Vega. They still havnt given him a comboable overhead or fixed the hitbox and hurtbox on CH to make it somewhat useful other than as a token hit during a combo. SHC needed to be nerfed.