So the Taito Type X2 hardware got hacked

What does this hold for the future of arcade gaming?

I don’t think the hardware itself was cracked, someone just got their hands on an unprotected copy of that game (can we mention it here?), I could be wrong though.

From the looks of it, the Taito X2 “platform” has no problem running on a PC. It’s the game(s?) that supposedly has encryption.

It was only a matter of time. Bring on KOF XII for PC!

Arcade games available to those without arcades?



Like me, Oregon has nothing :shake:

Type X and its variants are all Windows XP/Embedded based. I remember about hearing some other Type X games being cracked before, unless I’m completely mistaken.“That game” just happens to be pretty popular and anticipated.

Herp derp

Okay, couple of weeaboo’s are deciding to make this into a pirating topic. This shouldn’t last long.

Not much unless other games flock to this platform, can’t say I’m not curious as to if someone might make an online setup for this type of thing.

As Pasky hinted at, piracy is frowned upon here, so lets not meniton that, alright?

Using a PC based hardware is a double edged sword. One one hand it simplifies the development by using a familiar system, on the other hand, it makes piracy all the bit more simple, by making it accessable and fairly simple to run on Windows of any kind.

Is it going to be the end of the platform, or arcade hardware? No. Arcade hardware piracy is nothing new, look at all of the King of Fighters hacks, and the Street Fighter II hacks. It’s nothing new, and I don’t think that any arcades are going to skimp on the official hardware.

<Edit> also, this isnt the first time a PC based arcade game has been leaked. Anyone who is/was into the Bemani scene knows that IIDX10 was cracked fairly quickly (within a week if I remember, it’s been a while :sweat:) it’s nothing new.


LOL, fucken idiots just don’t get it.

Ah, sorry got ahead of myself :sweat:

Great idea, after TWO people tell you to not talk about piracy, you continue to do so?

Okie dokie edited.


Too bad I can’t run it on my computer. =/