So the Taito Type X2 hardware got hacked


Wow…I don’t know what to…just wow.


Huh… sure is illiterate in here, isn’t it Pasky?


I just said I could not run something on my computer, I don’t know what you were implying, but what I said was quite vague to begin with. For all you know I could just be referring to not being able to run the PC version of Street Fighter IV after checking out its specs when thinking about purchasing it off a Steam sale. :coffee:

lol 09ers.


Yep, it’s got to do with being an 09er. you caught me. So happy that’s still a viable arguement.
Or it could be having to do with the fact that you posted “Oh damn, I can’t run it” in a thread pertaining to cracked arcade hardware. PC SFIV has different requirements than the hardware in the Taito x2.


paper tigra, why would you care unless your a mod here? If they want to talk vaguely about getting it working on their PC and risk being banned then thats on them.


virtually nothing, although there are some tekken cabinets at the Family Fun Center just south of Portland. I also seem to recall some Travel America’s and Theaters carrying some fighters, needless to say you are right though, no Taito X2 love for us here. Damn, why do arcade boards have to cost so damn much?


Or alternately, why does PC-based hardware not go down in price at the same pace as regular PCs?
…he said while typing on his Mac.

This could be a PITA for Arc System Works in countries without access/care for real arcade boards (i.e. not Japan). But that’s the way it goes.


Prineville, OR has nothing =)

Portland, OR on the other hand…


Good point, what does PITA mean though?
Guess outside Japan ASW are really going to be hurting from all the free publicity for the console version… (Even if it wasn’t planned)

Don’t think it’ll change that much though tbh, people go to arcades for the competition more than anything don’t they, and a business would have to be pretty crazy to be publicly running pirated software


How exactly would anyone know the difference if a PC running a hacked Taito x2 game is inside the cabinet? Anyone could make a makeshift arcade cabinet, put arcade controls on it and there’d be no way to tell the difference because it isn’t being emulated and plays exactly the same, even down to the coin inserts.

Think China…


no way. kitipong?


Prineville sucks x.x

Been to Portland a LOT since I’ve lived here but I’ve never seen any cabs, looks like I’ll have to look into some Tekken over there :woot:


So the Taito Type X2 hardware got hacked… and all I got was this stupid locked thread.