So the unthinkable happened to my FightStick TE

I had come home with some coffee.
Played several ranked matches in SSF4 and gained another 800 or so BP with Dee Jay.
Set my SSF4 FightStick TE down to use the restroom.
Returned to my living room, lit only by the glow of the screen, and accidentally spilled coffee all over my hardware.

Freaked out. Seriously. I mean, hey, I spent $150 bucks on it, right?

Unplugged it, aligned it button-side down between two tables and elevated.
Pressed some buttons to find that my light attack buttons were kinda sticky and my home button (PS3) is serving espresso when I push it.

Haven’t used it since the incident 3 nights ago. Afraid to see how bad the damage is.

So… has anyone else ever done something similar to their sticks with a liquid?
Has it recovered since? Please advise.


and you did’t open it up to clean it because?

the ever critical srk…

OP you’re most likely gonna have to get a new one. this time don’t even have drinks in the same room as your stick unless it’s in a bottle

I thought about it. I really did.
But I lack simple tools such as octagonal screwdriver… or any screwdriver.

seriously. what were you thinking just leaving it be.

edit then you shoulda just asked someone for a screwdriver, like you said its 150 bucks, why would you just leave it like that. gives the impression that you dont really give a shit either way tbh.

anyways u dont need a stick stick, at most new joystick/buttons/pcb, but the case should be fine after cleaning it up.

So the consensus seems to be that, as it is, I’ve a nice $150 paperweight right now.

Might be recoverable. Please first try it and report back if it functions at all, and if so, what doesn’t work as it should.

can i ask what you expect people to say really. a stick is not a magical creature. its just a piece of hardware, you spill a drink on it treat it like any other piece of hardware. clean it up and fix it.

No. I did give a fuck. But who is going to lend me a screwdriver at 4am?

It was my understanding that posting in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo also meant I wouldn’t have to deal with wise-alek remarks.
Please just give it to me straight and without all the “witty” garnish.

don’t buy a new one. salvage this one.

a friend. or you know, just ask for one in the morning, but you left it like this for 3 days straight so eeeeh.

Not at all. Plug it in and see if it works. If it does, you just need some alcohol and an hour to take it all apart and clean it out. If it does not, you’ll need to do a bit of research on how to wire up a stick, but it’s not difficult, and will only cost you 30-50 dollars for a board to replace the one you shorted with the coffee. Check out the Chthulu or Dual-strike boards.

how about you stop making excuses and do something then. he’s telling you what you need to do and what you might need to change, so try not to be an ungrateful prick about it.

and like other people have said, test it right now and see what problems it’s having now, you can’t fix shit by blind guessing.

To be fair, I work 6 days a week at upwards of 9 hours a day.
Unfortunately, while Street Fighter is a hobby I’m very passionate about, I generally pass the hell out when I finally get home.
That and a wife keep me from being centrally focused on what I enjoy.

I assure you, I am not at all happy about my mistake with the coffee.
But factors such as the time of night it happened and a myriad of work and relationship obligations have forced me to put the issue on the back burner for a time, and hence I am asking advice now that I finally have a moment to myself.

I guess it might also help to know that it wasn’t “a ton” of coffee.
But definitely enough for me to be concerned seeing as how I usually keep my gaming gear in pristine condition.

stop trying to rationalize your accident, go to your stick, and find out what’s wrong with it.

aight I get you, life gets in the way. I always imagine the poeple in here being student bums such as myself.

anyways yea there isn’t really anything anyone can really tell you. clean it, find out how bad it is by just testing it. replace what needs replacing. the tech forum is more appropriate for followup questions.

Buy a new one and send me your destroyed stick :slight_smile: Sounds about right?

Here are your options pretty much:
Borrow and/or buy tools(nothing expensive needed to open it up) and clean it. Worse is you’ll have to buy a joystick/buttons.
Buy new and give me the old one

That’s what I was looking for.
Thanks. I’ll do just that.

And to think I used to respect your input, friend. But this reply was unnecessary.
Was never being ungrateful. Just asked for an answer without all the needless wise-assery the Saikyo rules for posting said I wouldn’t get.

The last thing our community needs is to turn away new faces or fresh blood with all that BS.

I would suggest getting an allen key to open your stick (which I’m pretty sure you can get at your local Wal-mart for cheap) and cleaning up the mess. After you clean up the mess and put it back together, plug it back in and see if it works. If nothing works, you might need a new PCB (which if you do get, get a Cthulhu), buttons, and stick. That would be a lot cheaper than buying a whole new stick but if you’re not tech savvy or just don’t have the time for it (because I’m aware you have busy schedule), you might just have to buy a new stick. But I would not throw that stick away by any means.