So then is HRAP 3 the best N00b stick for PC?

Hi folks,
Yeh I’m currently a dreaded N00b (hopefully not for long though lol), I’ve searched the forum and been reading loads of threads and tried to resist the urge to post an annoying N00b type thread lol :rofl:
Decided I’m gonna build my own stick and I’m working my way through reading the useful threads, FAQs & guides on this forum, cheers BTW for the info.

But now for that dreaded N00b question I can’t find the answer to:
for now I simply want to get going quickly by buying a good Joystick to play MAME on my PC, from reading threads it looks like the HRAP3 is the stick but there is no clear cut confirmation of this and how easily it works on a PC,
so is HRAP3 the best option for PC?

any help appreciated

I saw this thread was similar to mine but thought it’d be more polite to start my own so as not to “Hi-Jack” the other persons thread

The VSHG would be tops if only the the stick and buttons were approximately 1-inch closer to the top. I don’t like how my hand rests half off this stick.

HRAP3 for comfort
VSHG for looks:wgrin:

I have been using an HRAP3 on MAME and I haven’t had any problems on Windows with it so far. I think it’s the best non custom made stick you can buy.

Cheers for replys so far

HardcoreOtaku: I don’t think you can go wrong with a HRAP3. I personally use a HRAP2, and I love it because of how it resembles the cabinets at the arcade (granted, there are two extra buttons). As you probably know, both HRAPs are identical except for the USB in the HRAP3.

And the mounting plates. You can’t mount an Seimitsu LS-32 without extensive modding to the plate.

Cheers guys for responding to my N00bness :wgrin:, in the end I went for the VSHG, just ordrered it, read loads of write ups and it appears to be the best out of the box stick of the moment.

Right, so now thats out the way I can get back to reading up about building my own stick… :wgrin:

Thanks TingBoy, I didn’t know that either. I thought all along only the PCBs differed. Guess I’ll review the HRAP thread again. :slight_smile:

I’m using a HRAP3 for PC(ggpo) and its the best thing.
Just plug and play, no need to fiddle around with anything at all.
Changing the buttons to Sanwas wasn’t hard either.

I chose HRAP3 over VSHG because I read a lot about VSHG being hard to execute simultaneous button pushes.


Yea, IIRC, the HRAP3 uses the mounting plate from a HRAP 1 ver.b

I have been using the HRAP3 for a week now and it’s working fine on my PC. However I have a slight problem when I execute fireballs and dragon punches. When I try the moves I get the fireball only around 85% of the time while the dragon punch something around 60% of the times.

Is it a matter of practice in order to adjust to the stick (I used to play on HAPP arcades before) or do you think it has something to do with the restrictor plate? I read HRAP3 uses a square gate, if I change this to an octagonal one would I get better results? Has anyone tried this out?

HardcoreOtaku, I also suggest you order some Sanwa buttons to go with the stick. It’s an easy swap and the buttons feel so much better. Shorter push, are more “solid” feel when tapping on them… hard to describe but first we just mounted two Sanwa next to the stock buttons and tried.

And it’s pretty inexpensive also.

^the VSHG comes with Sanwa buttons stock.

hi, i also have a vshg, and i would like to know what the problem was with the earlier models, and what about the “hard to execute simultaneous button pushes” mentioned above? how can i check if my stick has those probs? most of the time i play classic shmups and so i dont recognize any problems using just one or two buttons :wink:

p.s. switched the sanwa jlf for an seimitsu ls-56, fits easily and works good.

As I mentioned above in the end I ordered a VSHG after reading so many good reviews, but when I just read that there was a problem it was the first I’d heard of it, so I am now a little worried.

So I searched the forum and found the following threads:

still no clear clarification of how to identify if your stick is a recalled model…

Heres a detailed review for VSHG, they say “its a bit difficult to perform moves with 3 or more inputs involved.” due to the buttons being very sensitive.
I’ve also witnessed forum users report this too so I’m guessing its the buttons they’re using.
They’re Sanwas but no the arcade type OBSF 30s I think.

I’m gonna say its due to you not being used to the square gate yet.
I can DP on this thing nearly 100% its really really easy for me.
I say give it time to practice and get used to it: A lot of known players play with Sanwa / Semitsu square gate sticks.

Agreed. David Sirlin for one has an entry on his blog somewhere regarding how he switched to Japanese sticks after presumably being a long time Happ user. I think it was in his post about where he played in an ST tournament using a HRAP2. IIRC, he mentioned that he doesn’t think he’s “100%” on japanese sticks yet, but thought it would be nicer for him in the long run.

Ok thanks. I’m going to persevere with it and train a lot then. Hopefully my dragon punches will get better.

You know, sometimes missing a dragon punch in a crucial moment of the game can be frustrating as you get punished to death for that mistake! :slight_smile:

:sad:I agree with all, but I HATE the small Sanwa in the HRAP3, as my hand is really big.I put a 8-gate, a bat top-still nothing.I have installed a HAPP Competition stick into the HRAP, but it turned to be a fake HAPP… Now I am looking to put a SEIMITSU stick inside or the SANWA JLW-UM .My neighbour makes tuning for custom trucks so installing anything into the HRAP3 is a piece of cake for him:woot: Most people LMAO at me when i asked here how to do it. I can pick a stick from here only- I would appreciate any help.