...So there's a hack for no tripping now

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Basically, you have to have the Homebrew Channel, an SD card, an SD card reader and that Ocarina program to do it, which means hacking your firmware and voiding your warranty. I dunno about that. But the option is there, now. And it doesn’t mess with sweeps tripping people or Diddy’s bananas, just the random trip. If it weren’t for the fact that you have to use hacks it’d be cool, IMO.

NOTE: If you play online with someone who still has tripping and they trip mid-match, it fucks everything up.

While that is nice for people that wanted to go to that trouble, it’s still a part of the game that normally cannot be removed. I can’t feasibly see this becoming tournament legal.

…I just got done reading that thread.

Wooooooooooow -_-.

buuuuuuuttttt… tripping is teh awesome.

So is there a hit stun hack? Get back to me if you find out, lol.

God damn smashers are scrubs. At least people who are actually taking that shit seriously.

I’m really interested in this as a TO but I personally don’t own a Wii to be able to take the risk with it to set it up.

I hope your joking.

I second this notion. The inclusion of more hitstun would benefit Brawl so much.

He’s not joking. You, however, are a joke.

I thought he was implying taking out hitstun he never specified and yes I would like more hitstun if possible.

edit: man I really gotta stop typing stuff when I am barely awake, I would like more hitstun, IN THE NEXT GAME, by the developers I like the way ZSS has stun moves and some moves have big hit stun Im not saying all moves should have 2x multiplier on hit stun, just I would like more characters to have good hit stun moves, but whatever I love brawl and its fun and no matter what ppl say I like brawl better than melee and melee better than the original and SSB is an interesting and unique platforming fighter and is FUN. *response to the fact that I can’t win no matter what I say.

More hitsun in Brawl makes MK Akuma Tier.

I can’t believe how many people are conforming to this crap.

You don’t want hitstun increase, unless you want everyone in a tournament to play Meta Knight.

Increasing the hitstun would make him unstoppable. As in, NOBODY else in the game could beat him.

this doesn’t sit well with me. They are not appreciating the game the way it is.

I can understand using mods and hacks in non competitive games.

but when it comes to this, really lame.

Brawl’s competitive competence is debatable at best. You can’t honestly say that you enjoy tripping, can you?
AlphaDragoon02: two things.

  1. I think the hitstun should be increased, but only enough to make it so a Super Jump Punch isn’t punishable if 100% of it hits.
  2. You have the best avatar on SRK. Kudos.

Brawl players just LOVE pretending the game is something it isn’t, huh?

It’s perfectly fine competitively. It’s also completely different from melee. It’s not debately competitive just because it doesn’t cater to your tastes.

Nobody enjoys it, but it is a part of the game that normally cannot be removed. House rules shouldn’t become a competitive standard. But then again, this is Smash, where house rules can and have become competitive standards.

This man knows the REAL problem with Brawl, as any Dustlooper would (Yay Dustloop solidarity/elitism!). Turn hit stun up by 25-50% and I’ll start playing competitive Brawl. More block stun would be great, but isn’t necessary. And I think making rolls throwable would add to the game. Oh, and fine, remove tripping. But man, the hit stun is WAY too low.

P.S. Easy mode ledges could also go. Maybe grabbing with your back is ok, but the ledge-grab range is a bit ridiculous.

Edit: I read a bit of the SmashBoards thread, and one of the guys in it seemed to think you could air dodge while in hit stun. Was he confused? I think he meant air dodge while still flying back. And good that others notice the hit stun issue. I never blocked much in Melee; were moves always this unsafe if blocked? Regardless, more block stun would be nice. Also, if throw invincibility on rolls is a variable, I’d like to know how to switch that too. I dislike rolls beating both attacks and throws. I mean, even parries lost to throws.

Re-edit: I find the fact that they wanted to fix tripping more than hit stun a bit amusing. Shows how much SmashBoards hates randomness. To be fair, though, tripping is unequivocally bad, whereas the other issues could be argued over. And who knows, maybe the tripping fix was easier to come by.

Guilty Gear is not Smash Brothers Brawl. Melee is also not Brawl.

This game isn’t suppose to be some huge combo fest. Give up on it and accept the game as is or go play something else. I can not believe how many people really are into this kind of crap. Tripping isn’t even that bad, sure it can suck sometimes but you know… I just deal with it and keep on playing. Rolls can be baited and punished so that isn’t even a big deal.

This kind of stuff really makes me appreciate other 2d / 3d fighting game communities. Oh and I’m a Dustlooper too so there goes that one.

With more hitstun in Brawl, Snake and MK would still be top tier, except they’d move on to “Holy Shit These Guys are Retardedly Broken Tier” because Snake could get you in the easiest infinite in the world. First hit of ftilt over and over again, and with more hitstun they’d be stuck and wouldn’t be going anywhere. Thanks more hitstun!

MK and Snake are already in the retardedly broke tier, what the hell are you talking about.

Atleast with hitstun, other characters could get hits and make them count. But it’s not like I was like OMG I WANT THE HITSTUN TO CHANGE SO IT CAN BE THE COMPETITIVE STANDARD. It was more…I want more hitstun so I as in me as in myself can enjoy it because I don’t enjoy regular brawl.

I mean if I had my way, I’d take air dodging out, make rolls and spot dodges throwable, and give spot dodge a bit more recovery. I just hate how defensive the game is, shit’s stupid. I want to hit someone and make it count, not hit someone, have them air dodge and then go back into a high tension guessing game.