So...think we'll see any more new KOF titles?

Kof xiii is a beautiful game with a solid engine, but the netcode sucks. I don’t get it…SNK said this title’s sales will determine whether or not they make any more kof games…so why didn’t they get their coders into workspaces (or even have them coding and testing from hotel rooms if they want to save money) in a couple states in america and build a code that worked here? That seems like a no-brainer. Instead, they did the usual “let’s stay here in Japan, build a code that works exclusively for this super-dense population, and everyone else in other countries is just going to have to suck it. If our game doesn’t sell, then they don’t like the game, and there’s no market for that franchise.” I think they kinda fucked themselves, and us by extension. Here’s hoping for a Vita release.

I personally think SNK care mainly about sales from Japan (and Asia prob.), and that western release is just an extra bonus.

It might be chicken and egg, but does SNK even have a large following outside of asia? Maybe the sales they get outside are too niche to worry about.

Although from an engineering perspective, I wish theyd just ditch GSS and do something better already.

I think SNK is mostly affected by sales in Asia-Land. How much of the profit from America’s sales is SNK’s, and how much of it belongs to Atlus?

I’m honestly not too familiar with how developer/publisher relations works, but I honestly thought that it basically would amount to “SNK auctions off the American publishing rights to Atlus. Atlus pays up front, and then Atlus gets most the profit from actual sales”, which meant SNK got most their money before the game even released as far as America is concerned, while the sales in Japan would be the real point of contention because the Japan release was published by SNK themselves.

If the sales are abysmal, maybe Atlus won’t ever publish another KOF title… but I’d honestly imagine this game will do a lot better than many of Atlus’ very niche offerings.

Maybe, depends in the US sales imo and the FGC reception (duh), they have a huge fanbase outside the US but they are looking for a great comeback right now since the neo geo pocket/KOF XII failures.

KOF will continue for sure if we talk history wise, you can find a hint inside history mode.

Well… the developers are ready to continue the series if it gets support and we got an example of it in the game itself.

The new representation of Kensou has to do with him being the focus of the next story arch saga. KOF characters change based on plot reasons and story archs, like how Kyo has different clothes per saga, or how he can only use his Mu Shiki DM when the 3 sacred treasures are together etc.

They better. I’m hooked.

I think they will it seems like a lot of new people are trying out 13. It’s one of SNKs main franchises I doubt they’ll give up on it.

Although, from past experience, the next KOF will be completely different and will suck. (95 > 96, 98 > 99, 2002 > 2003, etc).
I dont think we want that. Hopefully SNK has learned to abandon its “new game every time” model and KOF14 will be an iterative improvement.

No, story arc ends, so technically it’s a character free for all, not bound by plot version that should come next. KOF13 Ultimate Match? Add some different fighting systems like '98 UM had…you know they’re going to ride this artwork for at least another game or two, given how long it takes to produce it…

It will probably be an Ultimate Match game with all the DLC characters and all the characters from 03-13

I wish they would make another new age sequel. I understand the resources and manpower it takes to make all those sprites, but I can’t help but feel like a number of moves are still missing. Kim doesn’t have his stomp, which would be great for HD combos and combo enders and wouldn’t alter his archetype. Terry is missing his Power Dunk. Ralf, who did get a rehaul, still could have retained his Ralf Kick since he’s not a grappler anymore. Mai, who’s been the poster girl since the game was announced, is feeling kinda barebones, with no ground command normal and only 1 DM (not including the Neomax). She has 3 additional DMs she used throughout the series.

I’m hoping the KOFXIII arcade update will throw in some new stuff for the console players to get later in the year.

re: ultimate match… i thought 12 was supposed to be that (though yes it sucks and nowhere ultimate)
but right now i guess another ultimate match would be the best route and throw in alot of characters in the game. because i think , they wouldnt want sprites to be suddenly unused in favor for story line progression. and i dont think they could afford redoing all the sprites. as well as introducing another new game style. so in true SNK fashion, they would be recycling animations. until a next gen system comes along.
so right now, just adding more characters to an existing system, would be very beneficial. id like most of the characters from XI to actually return… oswald, sho, gai, gato, tizoc, silber, ramon etc

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They’ve been pumping kof games out like clock work for awhile now I don’t see why they would stop.

If everyone tries to get people involved in the game and help kof 13 sales I don’t think that would hurt. Ive gotten at least 6 of my friends hooked enough to go out and purchase it.