So this game is awful


I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate because its kinda fgc made but I’m going to be honest and this game is just waste of money.I cant believe I spend 9 euro on this trash.

Awful Gameplay, awful charter art, there almost no one online , it takes forever to find matches and no I’m not “salty” I won most of my 80 matches I played.The game is just bad.It got few laughs out of me with some of the injokes but that was about it. It really seems like no effort was put in to it. You can say whatever you want about skull girls and I dont really like it but atleast you can see HOW MUCH EFFORT and WORK went it ot it. Divekick is ridiculous. 9 $/euro for this ? Wow you have balls to ask that much. This should have stayed the joke it was intended to be in the first place.

And at people that say you will learn fundamentals with this you are out of your mind. The game is boring to play it looks like shit and its waaay too overpriced for what it is.If you want to get it I’d recommend wating for a very very heavy discount on Steam and I mean something like 80-90%.

I really dont want to be hateful but this is one of the worst games I’ve played in a very long time.


Were you honestly expecting a great game?


I’m sorry to hear that you feel that way. When you say there’s no effort put into the game, do you mean that everything seems like it was thrown together just cause it was funny?


Pretty much. It focuses on “funny” and it ignores decent visuals and most importantly GOOD and FUN gameplay.The “funny” wears off in a few hours and you are left with the shitty base game.They could have hired some decnet artist atleast and uped production value with thier kickstarter but nooooo… that would be effort.

Anyway I got it for the gameplay because I was told its good but thats a lie.

I’m really disappointed how people in the community would promote this game as being awesome just because thier friends made it.I get why they do it but its misleading.You will learn 100 times more about spacing and fundamentals by playing any other fighter but this one. I truly feel its an awful game.Its funny for a while but still a bad game thats not worht 9$. There are flash games that are much better.

The thing that PISSES me OFF its 9 euro/$ for this.Thats Thats ridiculous. Just compere this game to some of the actually good indie games that cost the same or less and have some reasonable effort put in to them from gameplay and visual standpoint.

Again this is my opinion.I’m not trying to be disrespectful or troll people.


In terms of the visuals…you knew what the game looked like before you bought it. I have no idea how that is a bad thing.

Also, I don’t know Keits personally, or anything about him, and I think Divekick is an awesome game.

Also, Divekick is honestly pretty bad online. Get some friends over and play it with them.

This is one of the few fighting games where you can literally play it as a party game. And it’s awesome.


Whats awesome about it ? The bad shallow gameplay that you get bored from after 30-40 matches,the bad art or the bad online ?

Everything no matter how shitty it is might be fun wen you get wasted and fuck around with frinds bro.Your argument is laughable.

What I wanted was atleast dencet if not a good game. If it was like 2 bucks I’d be ok with it but at this price point its unacceptable.And yes 9 euro is not much obviously but its the principal.


fighting games are usually hard to get friends to come over and play. if you’re serious about a game it’s not going to be much fun for your friends who are only casually into it to play for an extended time.

Divekick is the perfect party fighting game. invite friends over, get drunk, play. controls are simple, concept is easy to understand. fun game so long as you aren’t expecting it to be something more complex.


Its on Steam and we all know party games are huge on PC.

Can we cut the bullshit and damage control ? The game is just bad.

Oh this game was never advertised as a party game so fuck that.

OH and even if it was a party game its still awful.There are much better party fighters out there.


Totally disagree. The game is a blast. Whether you are winning or losing, if you don’t see the depth of the game then you aren’t paying attention. I don’t know any body involved in the making of the game, and I think it is absolutely fantastic.

I would love to see you take on the guys at the top of the leaderboard, maybe the game isn’t as shallow as you think. I have a feeling you would get stomped, and I am willing to bet you’ve barely scratched the surface.

If you didn’t want a minimalist remix of the fighting game genre why the hell were you interested in the game? I knew what I was getting in to and I am very happy with my purchase. There was an unbelievable amount of pre release coverage of this game, what were you expecting?

Also, there are MANY games that are not fun to play with friends while fucked up. I would like to see you play SF IV with my drunk friends, at a high skill level, and watch them struggle and winge, they can’t even play the real game.

They can all play divekick and they all love it so maybe the game just isn’t for you. :slight_smile:

Hey, here is a game guide for Kenny written by one of the best players of the game right now, MajinSweet. Seems not too shallow to me.


I’m enjoying it quite extensively. I haven’t played any other fighter games before so this was my first dip into the genre, but so far I have played well over 200 matches and I plan to play more.

After a day or 2 I will probably drop this game, especially if the online match-making keeps being slow and with no good alt-tab function… But still I’d say I’ve had my money worth out of this game.

Maybe other fighting games are better, but I will never get into them, because I am not prepared to spent the amount of time necessary to learn and understand them, so this was excellent for me to experience the fighting game thrill.


I thought this game was going to get boring after 10 minutes but I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s a cute little action game and that’s it. Mechanics-wise, it’s actually well made for what it is. It’s not supposed to compete with the fighting game genre or some shit…


But is it worth 9$? As I said before if it was like 2-3 I’d be fine with it. Its awful for a 9$ game. It would have been ok for a 2 $ game. Look at skull girls. It might be like 14 but there is 20 times more content effort, dev skill and work put in to it.


It might be a bit too pricy, but 2 bucks would be too little. 5-7 sounds about right to me.


There was a ridiculous amount of info available about the game before it was released. If you couldn’t determine whether it was worth your money before the purchase, that’s your own fault.


The better for you.


Playing fighting games online at all is a pretty terrible idea, imo. Also, I can’t believe anyone would try to take this game seriously after the trailer…

Can’t wait for someone to bring it to the locals so I can have some fun.


You should have watched the E-Sports hour. The production progress on this game was so publicized that it was literally transparent.


So, you haven’t even played the game yet…


So join all the other haters and go back to a game you enjoy. Problem solved.

You seem pretty intent on convincing people why they should hate it as well.


I did that.

Anyway I dont need to convince anyone anything.Pretty sure most you would drop in no more then 2 weeks to a month max.This game is shallow as fuck and once the jokes really wear off no one would give two shits.