So this game is awful


20? A good few of the modern movie-abominations have barely half a dozen.


So you never complained about anything you spend money on ever and everyone that does is a full retard?

You logic flows like dianira. It think you are just an asshole. Retard this retard that.I’m so upset OH NOOOOOO. Wise up bro.You sound like a xbox live PM.

Retard count: 5

Edit: Also I played the game for like 7-8 hours before I made my mind about it.My first post says “around 80 mathces”. Wtf are you talking about “I knew I never would play let alone purchase”. I think you should avoid calling people retards because of irony issues and stuff.


OP’s an idiot. In this day and age where there’s a million reviews, a million places to watch gameplay, and a million other places to get information on a game before you buy it, you’re a fool if you buy a game (AFTER RESEARCHING IT) and still complain about it. ’

Let’s all not mention that the commercial advertisement listed EVERY single feature of this game (2 characters with 2 buttons.), and lets forget that that was before they added 11 other characters and more depth to the game.

“**you **logic flows like dianira” “It think you are just an asshole”

Then tells other people to wise up.

Nigga went full kawaii


Its pretty dark in here and my keyboard is black. Holy fucking shit you must be on to something. Want a cookie ?


asdf jkl; mofo. FIND YOUR HOME KEYS.

Also, ‘r’ is nowhere near ‘n’. And there are two 'r’s so you should have at least spelled it ‘diannira’.


ITP: Spell check doesn’t exist
ITP: Proof-reading your work doesn’t exist
ITP: Hilarity.

–> Tells people to wise up
—> Post filled with dianira


Nah man we are just retreaded.

Retread contu: 7

It’s bad for your eyes to be on a computer in the dark. Turn on a light.
-Uncle Sensei.


In all honesty I might make and expect to make a buch of typos and grammar errors since english isn’t my native so feel free to scout my post and go full grammar nazi on me.See if I care.

However I know how to spell fucking “I” and “your” and you know I know.You’re just being a dipshit.

As far as spell checks go.Why would I fucking care.Its the internet and I’m talking anonymously to you. If you want to get personal you can’t, so fuck off.You know nothing about me. All this was were my issues and frustration with divekick and you idiots are trying making it personal.Pathetic.


Here is the thing games are subjective, just like movies, books, etc. U can research beforehand and get a decent idea of generally what a game is about. I researched Divekick and it is made pretty clear what the game is about, decided I had no interest in it and didn’t buy it…and I probably never will.

U complain about the art, but that is something u can judge without ever buying or playing the game. U complain about how it doesn’t compare to SFIV…seriously did u look up what the basic idea was behind this game? It sounds like u had no clue what this game was about, thought it was supposed to be like other modern fighters (Blazblue, SFIV, MVC3, etc.) and spent ur money and now u are upset and created a thread just to rant about it to people who enjoy the game.

Hopefully u learned a valuable lesson if u value ur money. Find out what a game is about before u buy it.


You should “care” because you were attempting to make a (dimwitted) point. I don’t know what you know, because based on the first impression I have of you, you’re retarded.

You can’t call people retarded when you can’t even spell properly or punctuate properly. English not being your native language means absolutely nothing when the internet gives you ALL the tools to self-check your own english.

We’re the idiots, but at least people know what the hell they paid for when they bought it.

Oh my god, you know what I did? I researched the game, decided it wasn’t for my tastes, and DIDN’T buy it. I appreciate the effort and all the things that went into the game, but I didn’t personally like it, after doing this crazy thing called researching it and used that $10 to buy a gyro instead.

and we’re pathetic, when your the one ranting about a $10 game that you didn’t research? A TEN DOLLAR GAME MEANT TO BE A PARTY GAME?


I never called anyone retarded although maybe I should have since its such a popular word over here.

As far a grammer goes, go and learn a couple of foreign languages.Might change your opinion.

Anyway I dont give a shit , you should’t give a shit and its waste of time at this point.I’ve done this back and forward dance before I’d rather play some games instead. Wish you the best bro.Enjoy whatever game you are playing.

If someone else wants to shit on me and/or call me retarded go ahead. I might respond or I might not. Divekick sucks in any case.


I gotta agree with OP, after finally getting a look at this game there is no danger am paying that cash for a game that looks complete shit


I take back what I said, it’s worth $10 IF they patch the networking. A game that doesn’t offer too much depth but has great networking is totally worth $10. Unfortunately, the random disconnects, stuttering, and even noticeable lag(surprising, considering the game is so simple and uses GGPO) ruin the online experience for me. And, for the record, I use the lobby search and stick to connections under 80 ping. I don’t even bother with quickmatch anymore, as it’s terrible at choosing a suitable, or even playable, connection.


Apparently I’ve had a massively different experience than yours. From my matches the netcode is awesome, even 200 ping matches are only slightly laggy. Anything under 100 is almost offline quality.


You still have never explained in even the slightest detail as to how the “gameplay is awful” beyond just saying “awful gameplay”. You’re getting a lot of negative responses because you’re just yelling that this game sucks without backing it up with any real reasons. How can someone who has no idea how games are developed say that no effort was put into divekick? You have no idea what you’re talking about.


Go learn foreign languages? Tu es tres stupide et ignorant. Je connais et Je PARLER Francais.

I know French, English, English American Sign Language (fluent) and I’m in the process of learning Spanish.

Please keep talking and making yourself seem dumber and dumber with each post.


Apparently. Or I could argue that my standards are higher than yours. I get more lag in Divekick than I do in Skullgirls, which seems ridiculous to me, when you consider how much more is going on in SG.

Whatever the case, I’ve put this game away until we get some sort of patch.


$10 dollars for this is ridiculous though


Again why? I don’t understand this idea. The game is beyond wortth $10.00 and I honestlyquestion the people flat out declaring that divekick is devoid of depth. I think the people that are taking this game very seriously are doing cool stuff and pushing the game still, and I think most people have barely scratched the surface but don’t realize how little they know.


Seeing as nothing productive is coming out of this thread.