So this is what 25 mill and military aid to dubious factions gets you

Honestly, though, I had a seriously bad feeling about it in the first place. I mean, come on: “Arab Spring”? Sounds like a soap made from sand and camel turds.

yep, seeing as most of Gadhafi’s malitia-men were somalis and self hating northeren sudanese blacks this was bound to happen at some point.

I think they’re going a little overboard though. EVERY black person’s getting yoinked. Kinda seems like they might be about to start pulling a “kill them all and let Allah sort them out” deal.

unfortunately the “kill them all” deal happened a few months ago.

I was reading earlier today they were having problems because a lot of natural black dudes lived in Libya before this shit went down. They were about to shoot one group of black guys until they managed to produce their wives (who had been hiding), and the rebels realized no merc would bring his wife to a gunfight.

And fucking Gaddafi is likely already out of the country

Not surprised at all. A lot of times the usurpers are worse than the usurped… haha “usurp”… funny word…

It’s like the Sudanese slaughter caused by Janjaweed thugs all over again. Makes me sick.

The comments on that page make me fucking sick.

Yeah, who would have thought that yahoo news was a hang out for the storm front crowd?

Seriously, I’m sure that of those people are the typical nazi skinhead types, but most of them are probably the “closeted” racists who find an outlet for their hatred on the internet like everyone else.

we’re in for more than 25 million, but something like 25% of libya’s population is black from north africa

the hatred for them was going on way before the civil war (akin to the irrational hatred for mexicans in the united states from large groups of people). i don’t think this will stop

isnt it sad that the first black president is total failure. I wish he lived up to the promises he made during his campaign, that definitely would have a been a better president than the finger pointing smug asshole we have in office now

Most of the attempts that Obama wanted to do have been blocked by the republicans. Shit won’t change with this kind of political system. All parties fighting over each other while we, the public, suffer. We voted these republicans to be in office not to fight and bitch at the president but to work with the president.

Also whatever changes Obama (or any president) makes won’t make a big difference overnight. It’ll take years for his plans to show any significant changes.

The GOP spent years trying to convince the American public that there was absolutely no possible way that a President could single-handedly destroy an economy in eight years. Fast forward to now, where not only is the GOP blaming Obama for destroying the economy, but also chastising him for not having completely repaired it in just over two years. (And that’s completely ignoring the fact that Obama has repeatedly stated that it is unreasonable to expect the economy to be repaired overnight…as well as ignoring the fact that the GOP has been blocking his every attempt to fix the economy)

It goes deeper than that, way deeper than that, and its real sickening.

BTW, its funny that the idiotic Brits and French folk where causing a shit storm about US involvment in Libya. Bitching about how we have to send troops, and money. Its like if they wanted us to fight the war for them. And its absurd, it got to the point where there where using American armaments because they ran out. Where the fuck where there amrmaments in Iraq and Afghan? I understand the helping the Brits a bit, but come on. Libya is a non-issue right now. How pathetic.

What’s even more pathetic are these people. I advocate for violent revolution when its needed, but time after time again, it has been shown that the dictators are best left in power in the middle east. Shit like this wouldn’t have happened under Gadhafi

Do these rebel factions really have ties to Al Qaeda?

I’m imagining this being said by an older Libyan in a “back in my day” tone…:rofl: You know shit’s bad if you want the dictator back. Considering that it’ll probably be all Sharia-ville now, I can see how they’d be right.

What I want to know, is where the in the hell is that whore Clinton crying about human rights abuse, and American intervention?

Is it suddenly OK because the will of the people are doing now, instead of one man?

Yes, in the usual Liberal double standard logic.

People were saying the same thing about Iraq and Suddam. I always picture what hell would be like without Satan running things.

I remember my dad saying something like the only thing that can control a bunch of assholes is an even bigger asshole. He was talking about something else entirely, but I can see how it can apply to the world stage.