So, thoughts on the new nintendo system?


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the thing runs on a year 2008 ati gpu and it’s about as powerful graphically as the 360.

My question is why didn’t they do this with the wii.
You had so much potential, wii, and there were only a few games that made use of it. Heck even Warioware basically showed people how it could be used but devs kept making cheap games on olllllllld ps2 devkits and selling them as “Revolutionary” products. Capcom’s Monster hunter tri was a good start to using the system right. looks like it’s gonna be dead sooner than later though.
And we basically JUST got the wii motion plus! I’ve been wondering why devs were so lazy with doing things for this system even though it sold so well. The excuse was OMG HARD ARCHITECTURE. Like sony’s cell processors are easy to tool around with?


My thoughts on the new Wii?

well its the first step into the next generation of gaming. First, they planned on making it have HD settings, so i assume all the new consoles will have intense graphics. Also the fact that 3D imaging is coming into gaming is also interesting. I think the wii 2 is going to be very big just like the wii was, and sony + microsoft will follow and make a bigger and better system. But if you look at the history of video games it just improved soo much

those are my thoughts :tup:


Not trolling, but it’s upping to newer hardware than the current systems (not more advanced than the ps3, oh they aren’t aiming THAT high, thing is nuts)… But this will be outmoded as soon as the others upgrade.

What bothers me also is how sony didn’t get in on this early. They had the eyetoy long before kinect and the wii, and didn’t work with it like they should have. Thing is amazing. And they have motion control and cell processors on top of that. Right now I’m seeing gaming in a spin of short term fads or business gambles that don’t become fully realized. I just don’t understand why devs complain about wii architecture and then go make games for… The ps3 and pc’s. To me it’s pure laziness. Heavy iron- or whoever did the rogue squadron series-made games on the gcn that impress me 10 years later graphically. And they were disbanded. Because we surely can’t have nintendo beasting everyone else again apparently.

I don’t quite get the shift to a more traditional system this late… OR a system with touch screen controllers. What’s the point of that? Throw some software on the wii and it could handle some ds’s as pads. I like the power but shouldn’t the wii have had that or devs that could work it’s innards in the first place? Seriously we got some lazy mofos that make wii games- ps2 dev kit, tack on motion controls. And then there is monster hunter and nintendo’s games, which are amazing. I honestly thought that mario galaxy wii could stand up to the ps3 in it’s early days graphics wise.

I think the main cause may be homebrew and hacking. The wii’s games are optical disks. This format is THE OLDEST computer disk. Period. It is not even a cd. how in the world did they think this could not be hacked is a bit dumb. And I don’t know if they even try anymore with the wii honestly. the wii is more powerful than it seems and it has potential to shake the world, and nobody but nintendo and maybe capcom seem to have grabbed that. wario ware wii had some for the most inventive uses for the wiimote, practically showing people everything it could do. still, ps2 devkits and low effort. even namco made lackluster wii games. thing is so underrated man. just think of a legit soul claibur with motion controls! I WILL SHOW YOU… THE GREATEST NIGHTMARE (sc2 ftw! sc2 nm ftw!)


^ I agree with just about everything you just said, let’s hope these lazy ass dev’s start doing real work and stop handing out these lame cheap games, not only for the wii but every console in general, I swear games lack polish these days, before I could do multiple play throughs, now I’m glad to just beat them and let them rest. But this system has serious potential, I look forward to what nintendo has to offer, and some of these companies need to pay homage to the king of the gaming industry. 3DS and Wii-U got a bright future ahead of them so long they appeal to their hardcore crowd, that’s been there from the 90s, the casual market will more than likely buy into the system seeing as how nintendo’s wii was a complete success, although in the first couple years I don’t see the Wii-U outselling or out performing the Wii in terms of sales, the casual market always has to be influenced into purchasing something since most are on the fence and lack in detail knowledge of these systems.


Give me an online system where I can see friends, move purchases to a different system, manage them online to an extent ( Media Go), and give me an online ID.

Baby steps Nintendo :expressionless:


At least the 3DS is a step in the right direction?


The wii u is apparently making huge steps actaully. Enough so that Hirada is putting tekken on it. Even better is that it looks similar to the xb/ps3 versions.
Also coming out is the new Darksiders and a few other heavy hitters.

Hoping the graphics get better though. Ninten has been behind on that for years now.


I think for the first time I’m going to have to pass on this Nintendo console. They just lost me with the Wii-- quite possibly the biggest disappointing console I have ever owned- AND Nintendo took a nice steamy shit on their fanbase in favor of more market share to appeal to causals. I’m sorry, but there isn’t a single game that I like on the Wii. Most of it is just shovelware, shit like cooking mama, wii sports, wii fit


and Mario and Zelda isn’t cutting it for me anymore. I bought Wii primarily for Brawl because I was huge fan of Smash64 and Melee when the game actually had some legit competitiveness to it, but even Brawl was slapped with the casual stick and was so bad it made me buy a 360 and pick up SSF4.

Online on the Wii was laughably primitive to non-existant, I’m very happy with my 360. Also F those tacked on motion controls. If I want to swing shit around like an idiot, I’ll play baseball. When I game, I like using a controller. You have no idea how retarded my ex boyfriend looked when playing WarioWare (I’m a girl, no homo)

I still like the portable stuff, they haven’t screwed that up yet. Nintendo has always been king of handhelds, I’m very happy with my DS and I plan to get a 3DS when they come out with a better version with better battery life (and price drop)

im sorry if i sound salty, but the Wii has put a really foul taste in my mouth towards Nintendo, and this is someone who loved them since the start. My hatred is actually a desire for Nintendo to go back to their SNES/N64 glory days :{


They might be talking about running HD just because it’s no longer an excuse to go without, however neogaf showed some stuff on GCN/Wii (which isn’t exactly safe to talk about on these boards) that ran games like P.N.03, Mario Galaxy, etc all in 1080p. I was in awe over seeing this, which is why I keep wanting the new system to retain it’s backward compatibility, but also provide HD on those systems as well. Hell this reminds me of when they cut out component cables just because video enthusiasts weren’t on the top of their priority list awhile back.


Well… The Wii does have Sin and Punishment, No More Heroes as well as Xenoblade Chronicles. That’s just to name a few. There are quite a few good games on the Wii.

People are calling Skyward Sword the true successor to OoT. Skyward Sword is a very good game. Same with Brawl, but if these games aren’t perking your interest, then perhaps you’re simply a loss cause. I have a PS3 and a Wii and I can see the value in both. The Wii DOES have good games worth playing.

The Wii-U is getting rid of friend codes. The President of Nintendo (Iwata himself) confirmed this a few months back. I will agree that Nintendo’s current online system with the Wii is utter garbage, but at least Nintendo is aware of this fact.

You don’t have to do over-exaggerated movements when controlling the Wii-mote. Plus, many games allow the use of the Classic Controller (which pwns).

There was a huge price drop a few months ago. You’re waiting for another price drop??

I disagree on the N64 being any part of the glory days. If I recall, the N64 (although with good games such as Mario 64, Starfox 64 and Goldeneye 007) didn’t do so well. It definitely held its own though!

The glory days were NES/SNES. Both of those systems had a huuuge library of games with high quality games that developers are having a hard time duplicating.




I assume you disagree with everything I said. So, basically you believe:

  1. There are no good games on the Wii.
  2. People aren’t calling Skyward Sword the true successor to Oot.
  3. That Skyward Sword is actually a bad game.
  4. Brawl is equally (if not more) terrible.

Am I right?


I agree with all his beliefs. Got a wii cuz the gf likes mario cart and shares my love for sonic games, but good lord, is there a single game out that warrants buying a wii (apart from nintendo’s own exclusives)? I thinks not.

Also, stop with the bold shit


The Wii was a fucking disaster and the WiiU will be no different.


Well, yeah. I thought Wind Waker was the successor to OOT. Wasn’t SS supposed to be the first game in the timeline? Also, many people are saying SS is trash. It kinda is when you have real games like Skyrim, Mass Effect, ect. It’s a joke. Tacked on motion controls, no voice acting (I’m sorry, those grunts and stuff were acceptable during the N64 era, now it’s straight up embarrassing.) lots of filler with fetch quests/back tracking, game telling you picked up a rupee every time you play, Fii’s non-stop nagging and hand-holding. Also, game looks really ugly. I know graphics don’t make a game, but here’s the thing. This is an end-game Wii title. You would think they would make it look really nice. SMG looked better imo. It feels, looks, and plays really obsolete to me. It’s why I didn’t purchase it.

As for Brawl, it’s one hell of a great party game loaded with lots of content and homages to earlier titles. That it did superbly. As a fighter, I’m afraid it falls flat on its face. So does its online.

Wii has some okay games, but they are so primitive and to be blunt, outclassed. Ever since I bought a 360, I haven’t touched my Wii and it’s not even hooked up anymore. Sad truth. I love Xbox Live too. What online does Wii have? 10,000 digit friend codes, lag, hideous avatars called Miis, and a Wii shop so you can pay money for super old games? Then when your Wii breaks down you lose said games and saves you spent time and money on. Games aren’t even enhanced or HD compatible unlike the xbox arcade.

Not a Nintendo basher. Being honest. I loved the SNES, N64. Majora’s Mask and Starfox64 are among my favorite games. Things started to slow down with the GC, but Nintendo totally lost me with the Wii. I still like the Nintendo DS though. Waiting for some real games that aren’t a port/remake/Mario before I get a 3DS. IF that ever happens. Nintendo turned their backs on the people who made them big in favor of casuals for more marketshare. You won the battle Nintendo with the Wii, but now you are going to lose the war. Casuals are having fun playing Angry Birds on iphones and stuff. And when you crash and burn,


Real talk.


This sounds like the words of a rabid fanboy.

1) When I say the true successor, I don’t mean within the storyline. I mean in game play - but you knew that.
2) Zelda is a real game. So is Skyrim and Mass Effect. The only difference is that I can play Skyrim and Mass Effect on the PC. Can’t do that with Zelda.
The reason why is because it’s exclusive. Have any exclusive Xbox games that you feel need mentioning?

I won’t pit Zelda, Mass Effect and Skyrim with each other. They are all 90%+ games. It’s retarded.

3) If Zelda sucked so much, why was it the fastest selling Zelda game ever? Why did it score so high? Talk without the fanboyism would ya?

4) Tacked on Motion Controls? The game was designed for the Motion+ from the ground up. – Why would they add voice acting to a Zelda game when they’ve traditionally have not done so? – Filler Fetch Quests/back tracking is bad? You do that in both Skyrim and Mass Effect (o_0). – The game doesn’t tell you that
you’ve picked up a rupee every time you play unless you actually go and pick one up. – Fi doesn’t hold your hand at all. She doesn’t nag you. She’s actually quite useless and simply points out the obvious. – The game isn’t ugly at all. The art style is quite good! However, it is a Wii game, so I don’t expect it to look as beautiful as Skyrim.

Brawl isn’t really a “technical” fighter. It’s online features are very laggy. I’ll give you that.

1) The X360 didn’t have Avatars until after Nintendo introduced Miis.
2) When your system breaks down, Nintendo will fix it and transfer your saved games and Miis over to the fixed console. I’ve had my Wii break on me a few times. I was given a new Wii and they transferred everything over.

3) Why would the games be enhanced for HD when the Wii itself isn’t HD? Care to answer that for me?

4) Have any games similar to No More Heroes that outclass it in its own genre?

5) You complain about the Wii Shop and buying super old games and then you mention Xbox Arcade (which is the same thing essentially).

1) You are a Nintendo basher. Everything you said is fanboy drivel. Nothing you stated was factual outside of lag in Brawl. Almost everything you said had some form of uninformed bias.

2) You loved the SNES, N64 and blah blah blah, but then bash the Wii Shop for selling “super old games”.

3) People like you have been predicting the end of Nintendo since the N64. It hasn’t happened, and it’s getting boring.


Mad World
Muramasa The Demon Blade
Sonic Colors
No More Heroes 2
Sin and Punishment Successor
Ultimate Shooting Collection
Muscle March (WiiWare)
Me personally…Samurai Warriors 3.

I still have no regrets buying a Wii…


stopped reading there. I’m not a “fan” nor am I even a “boy.” I expressed I used to love Nintendo Pre-Wii and gave my honest opinion. If you refuse to respect it and dismiss it like that, I have no reason to read your tl;dr

gg, cp?


John Dimaggio and Greg Poops commentary…well worth the price.
I guess Mature games didn’t carry well to the Wii.


Yeah this game was neat with a killer soundtrack, but like you said those games didn’t sell well sadly.